Leaving the state to avoid involuntary commitment

Hello, I was needing advice on what to do. I am facing possibility of a renewal of an involuntary committal. There are no criminal charges or components. This is civil. Would their be repercussions if I left the state to avoid involuntary commitment? Could I be arrested? How does one convince a judge that there is no longer a need for commitment and that you are doing well now and are not a threat? thanks.

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sorry i can’t help you, but thought i would say hi.
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I know there’s some sort of procedure where you can go to court for a trial to prove your mental health and that you don’t need to be hospitalized. I’m not sure of specifics though, sorry.

Yeah you can be arrested.

Arrested for what ? It is not illegal to have a diagnosis mentally illness.

Jus bite the bullet. Getting your mental disorder documented will screw you for life

Seriously man the LAST thing that you want is people knowing what’s going through your mind

Why would I be arrested for a mental health issue with no criminal component involved?

All depends if the court issues an order for commitment or 96 observation, then they can arrest you. Sure you could leave state and as long as you don’t get stopped be ok but if you got stopped and they run your ID it is going to come up most likely, then you have to endure a long extradition process and ride depending how far you have gone…

Normally they can only order commitment if you are an immediate danger to yourself or others, or cannot function at all in society…some states have to meet both criteria, not just one…

You can request a mental health commitment trial where you will be judged by a jury of six. I don’t know if you knew that or not. You could remind them that mental health commitments are expensive for the state. I’ve done that before to no avail. If they’re determined to commit you there is not much you can do. I wouldn’t worry about it so much. Most of the mental hospitals I’ve been in weren’t that bad.

Can you provide me with more information other than just saying I could be arrested ? I don’t see how that could occur when I am not being charged with anything. I have heard other stories of people just leaving the state to avoid committal.

Sorry man I was being sarcastic.

But seriously people don’t think that having a formal record of being sz means anything but I think it might down the road.

You have to appreciate that I’m “psychotic” myself so my thought process and opinions are questionable at best.

Sorry for being a smart*** man.

might down the road what are you talking about?

Think about it dude.

When you are on record… It could screw with your life