Leaving the forum

Hello all,

I have been considering leaving the forum, but unsure whether I should

Sometimes I do find it helpful, but other times I wonder if I am obsessing too much over mental illness

Have been here since 2015, which is a long time.

Like to think I am supporting others being here, however I don’t know if I have it within my gift

Fact is there seems to be a really great group of people here that I like a lot, and you all mean a lot to me

The community I think is more than just an MI group.

I am autistic, so normal interaction I find hard, and fail at really badly.

Here though I find confidence, and seem to be able to interact well

A new chapter has opened in my life with this new job, and I need to make some changes, and it’s in the back of my mind that I need to focus less on MI


I’d hate to see you go @Joker but it’s always your choice. Maybe you might consider a suspension if you need a break instead of just quitting outright.


You can always come back and it’s important to keep yourself well. I’d be sad to see you go and I think your a positive member who helps others. That sort of experience is always appreciated around here.


That would be too bad if you left. You’re a good presence on here and inspiring to many. But you got to do what’s best for you.


Is this even a thing?


Yes I do think you can obsess over your mi too much, I’m not saying you, but I mean a person in general. I think the forum is great for support. I think there’s lots on here happening that doesn’t have to do specifically with mi. Just good folk socializing that happen to have mi in common. Don’t go, I would miss you, hang out in the lounge. There’s plenty of non mi things there and you can get your socializing in a safe environment with people you already know. You don’t have to come everyday. You can come just when you need a little people time. Ultimately it’s up to you, but think about it.


Yes it’s a thing. I did it for a while. But I think it was a natural part of coming to terms with being ill for me.

Hope you stay.


I have time periods in my life where I have “needed” this forum more and periods where I have “needed” it less. I think that’s fine. You’re welcome back whenever you’d like :slight_smile:


I hope you stay. I enjoy reading your posts. You have an eloquent way of writing.


Hey @Joker I visit this site when I’m bored and have nothing to do, which is quite often.

And yeah, you can obsess over mental illness, when I was first told I had schizophrenia it hit my like a ton of bricks and sunk me into a deeper depression, took me a while to come to terms with it.

Maybe just take a leave of absence or visit less often, but if you feel the forum has lost its usefulness then it’s up to you if you want to leave.

I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and seeing pictures of your work, you were good at what you did when you worked your old job.


I hope you just take a break. You’re a great addition to the forum


Just take a long break if you have to @Joker
No need to close your account.

I’d hate to see you go.



Dont just leave an anon your account. If your like me - you like the option to come back after a while. Why cut off a source of support?

I value your opinions on here mate, cos your only one of a few brits i know on this forum.

I for one, would be said to see you go.


Do what’s best, don’t let anyone drag you into something you don’t want to do


Best wishes for your new career.

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What’s your main reason for not wanting to leave, may I ask?

i would find it sad to see you go too… you are a good person and reading your posts is nice.

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Sorry everyone for causing a fuss. It has just been in the back of my mind recently.

Not only this forum, but I am in the mood for a complete disassociation including the mental health services

I am just not sure if the key to recovery is having unhealthy interaction that never lets you escape the mental illness

By no means is this a blame game for here or anyone else, I am just wondering now psychosis is largely at bay whether I just need to continue popping the pills and just move on from it

I like helping people here though, and I get support when I need it too - so I am conflicted


Whatever you decide, I wish you well @Joker.

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Why don’t you take a two-week break on a trial basis. I can really relate to your words, I think there comes a point where to fully recover you have to let go of the supports.

Very few of us are at that point, but when I’m reading your posts in general, I get the impression that maybe you are. You are doing very well for yourself, working and such.

Whatever you choose, good luck my friend

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