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I’ve been using the app called duolingo. Pretty fun way to learn a new language. I’ve been practising German. I think its a pretty cool sounding language. Anyone else want to become bilingual or used an app to help them learn a new language before? Any tips for speeding up the process? Cheers.


I use ave global of instituto cervantes and Hotel Borbollon from gymglish to improve my Spanish. They’re both very good but you have to pay for them. It’s my 4th language.

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You give me a bad conscience - i used Duolingo a lot, learning spanish and advanced quite a lot… before i just forgot to use it. I will take it up again, i hope. It was fun

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I used and am using the apps Babbel.com and Rosetta Stone.com to learn Latin American Spanish.

I also hired a Spanish tutor on WyzantTutoring.com to just converse with me in Spanish for a whole hour every week. And this is going very well.

My tutor is from Venezuela and she has a PhD. And she is muy simpatica. I’ve been with her for 3 weeks and I can’t believe how much I am learning.

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I am doing the same thing. :cat::cat::cat:

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