Laying here

So I’m laying here in bed. Trying hard to sleep but my knees and other joints in my body are killing me. This pain won’t let me sleep. I’m so tired.

I was getting lot of joint pain, when i was telling my pdoc he was saying that the med are not the cause, but when i reduced my med the pain completely gone.

ibuprofen helps me and organic magnesium oil you get it in a spray in australia, i use it regularly it is amazing.
helps knees joints…
take care

Do you know why you are in pain? I am rheumatic and used to have a lot of pain in my back and joints. I now have medicine for that and feel well again.

Sucks when pain keeps you awake, double whammy so to speak, pain and then sleep deprivation added to the mix.

A hot shower helps loosen the grip that pain holds on my entire body, and then also relaxes me and promotes good sleep.
Even a 5 minute shower works wonders.

Thanks for the advice. Next time I will try hot shower. It’s sounds like it would help a lot