Haven't hurt this bad right away before

I have wonky hips and basically my hips, thighs, knees, back and shoulders hurt consistently. Good days it’s at like a 2 or 3. In the morning that’s what it’s usually at. This morning my baseline is fluctuating between a 7-8. Which is usually what it is at the end of the day. After I’ve been moving all day and working and stuff.

Not looking forward to today as I have school until 2 and then I work until 8. It’s gonna hurt today.

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What about Tylenol? I know its marketed for joint, arthritis etc pain.

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Tylenol doesn’t do anything for me. Ibuprofen just takes the edge off but on bad days it hardly does that

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That sucks. Do you have arthritis?

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On my bad days I take two Tylenol and 800 mg ibuprofen. It really helps.

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Does your job allow you to sit? Could you bring a small cushion to sit on, on the chair?

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Im sorry. It sucks when you suddenly start hurting out of nowhere. Do you have a heated blanket at home? My doc recommended a heating pad, but i have far too many painful joints to be able to pick just one. A whole heated blanket to wrap all the way up in helps me a lot.

Pain meds don’t do anything for me either, so I’ve mostly stopped taking them. After extensive and costly visits to several specialists, i was diagnosed with a clear condition. But the condition has no known treatment or cure, so it was basically a waste of time and money to be told “yep, this is why you hurt. Stop complaining now.”


@ZmaGal not that I know of. I went to a chiropractor and they took xrays and said that my right leg is actually half an inch shorter than my left. I have an appointment with a doctor next month. I don’t when arthritis usually sets in but I’m still pretty young.

@ZombieMombie I take ibuprofen on bad days. I don’t don’t bother with tylenol and I try to wait as long as I can before taking anything because I absolutely hate taking medicine.

@Blossom no, sitting isn’t really possible I have to be up and moving.

@ninjastar no I don’t have one. I might have to look into it. It would definitely be more convenient then a bath. I want to take a bath tonight but I won’t get home until 9:15ish and then I still need supper, plus I have homework. By the time I finish it it will probably be around 11 which is bed time cause I gotta get up at 4:45 for school tomorrow.


What I’m saying is to take them together. Research has found d 1000 mg Tylenol with 800 mg ibuprofen works better than opioids.

My dentist turned me on to that combo when I had extractions.

I also have sev

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I appreciate the suggestion but I already have a hard time getting myself to take ibuprofen. I don’t know why exactly but I do not like taking pain relievers. I’m sorta like my dad in that. Plus I don’t imagine it’s the greatest for your liver.

@NeoPolitan02 one thing to be aware of with married life is that unexplained worsening of chronic conditions can be an early sign of pregnancy. Not always, but it can happen, because the nutrients your body would normally use for maintenance are now going towards growing a new person.

Not saying you need to take a pregnancy test, but if you feel there are other signs, that could be a step.

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I will keep an eye on that but considering how I just finished bleeding right now I don’t think it’s a possibility

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Is it joint pain?

Are u making repetitive movements in those areas?

I am experiencing that atm.

My diet is very processed atm.

And I’m using my hands and back a lot at work

Will try to eat less processed as it is less inflammatory causing.

Hopefully it helps.

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Ahh yeah, not a possibility.

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Luckily I have a wide range of motion in my job. The theory is that my right leg is shorter thany left which offsets my hips which then screws everything up.

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Yeah, as much as I get baby fever I would like to wait until after college before kids. That being said if it happens it happens and we’ll make it work and figure it out.

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Have you ever put a lift in one of your shoes? A cheap one can be bought from the grocery store for about $10.

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