Laugh attack

I have OCD, so I was walking in the street and lots of funny thoughts came to my head and I could not stop of laughing, people was watching me, saying terrible comments and I had to come to my house. A old guy told me that I should be hospitalized so I cant annoy him…what the hell man! I have a problem thats all. My pdoc told me to go with my headphones so I could hide.


What a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■. Yeah I guess we just exist so old ass men can be happy and go to the cafe to drink their 40¢ cup of bottomless coffee. Old wrinkly bastards.


Im so sorry alan that sounds really embarrassing! At least you had fun listening to the funny thoughts. But being embarrassed like that in public must have been hard for you to handle. Do you feel better now?


Yes Im better now


What were these thoughts about? :slight_smile:

People are insensitive about others having problems. That sounds embarrassing. I probably would have cried if it was me and not been able to go out again for a while.


If more people had thoughts that made them laugh out loud the World would be a better place! Screw other people and laugh all you can, cuz we all know that more often we’re crying over crap in our heads.


Most of these thoughts were about a fat italian guy saying “whoaaa” everytime I walk near to a person, then was about YouTube jokes and memes, but the problem there was I cannot hide my laugh. When Im at home I dont laugh at these stuff, it only happens when Im in public or in street.


It happened when I was on school and a classmate mother died, I really did not want to laugh, but the more I try was worse


I have laughed or felt like laughing when people described events surfounding the deaths of others. Mostly because sometimes there is irony surrounding it, sometimes because the seriousness of people’s emotions just makes me want to break free and laugh at them. It’s not uncommon to feel light and happy in these situations, especially when we know we are not hurt or impacted negatively by the negative events. Death can be funny, just make sure you don’t offend anyone when you have your laughing fit.

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My pdoc told me it was OCD

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Here’s an example which came to mind, you might find it funny, might not…

laughter is the best medicine. No reason to feel bad about a good laugh. Just last night my daughter was visiting and we were bringing up old stories, just crying laughing. Sure we looked ridiculous, it was great.

No different than a person looking at their phone laughing at memes. I haven’t had a good laugh in years. You should be happy you were getting ina good chuckle. Screw what people think.

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