Latuda - Weight gain/Weight loss or neutral?


I’m just wondering what peoples experience is regarding their weight and Latuda. Did you gain weight, lose weight or was is weight neutral for you? Thanks.

I tried it and had weight gain. But pretty much all atypicals cause weight gain for me even without increasing calorie intake. So I might not be the best one to judge off of.

I’m currently losing weight on it because I’m on a diet, I gained weight on risperidone.

For four months I gained weight on it. Now I’m losing weight

It’s less likely to cause weight gain, on average. It’s also known to have a less sedating and more “activating” effect. For example, I took it and was quite symptomatic and felt very aroused in the bad way and it also gave me tremors in my legs. I spent four days somehow making it in class and the gym and then spent the nights screaming at the kitchen floor.

But don’t let that discourage you-that’s just one case far away from the average. Remember, average means half are either above or below the “average”. Some people do gain weight on it, some people do lose weight on it.

But the research has shown that it is more or less probably not going to affect your weight.

Good luck! It took me months and lots of calls to my psychiatrist to find the right “cocktail” of meds.

Don’t drink on meds. No street drugs either.

weight gain is possible on latuda,