Latuda or Lurasidone making me sleepy!

Hi for my schiz I’m taking 40mg Latuda or Lurasidone at night time.

Problem is I’m sleepy still at least thru afternoon the next day!

Is there any one who’s facing the same problem and could suggest a solution to this sleepiness ?

I don’t wanna go back to Paliperidone coz of weight gain worries.


I am on 80 mg’s of Latuda,i take it after I eat. It can make me kind of sleepy sometimes.

I take mine right before bed instead of after eating.

But I still feel sleepy next day morning :frowning:

You will get use to the sleepiness and no longer feel sleepy after several months. That’s what happened to me.

It’s been 6-7 months since I started it already

Anyone else showing same symptoms?

i’m taking 160 mgs of latuda at dinner time and Haldol 3 times a day. I deal with sleepiness all the time the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is coffee. not sure how you feel about that.