Honest med commercial

I saw a med commercial this morning about invega trinza it said it treats schizophrenia for once a antipsychotic commercial didn’t say bipolar depression anyway thought that was interesting


That is interesting, I’ve never seen any med advertised as an antipsychotic on TV before. Latuda is always marketed for bipolar, same w Risperidone…

The “schiz” word must be losing it’s ‘taboo’ grip?

I see commercial’s for medications all the time, even sometimes they do studies and request Schizophrenic patients for drug testing. I don’t know if I trust things on my own, that is after all what I pay my psychiatrist for…to know what drugs to put me on. I have some issues still from time to time, but I really wouldn’t want to throw in a new drug unless my doctor thought it best. After all she’s the one with the degree not me.

Did it say, “May have lasting side effects”?

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My 25year old got injections of Invega for over 3 yrs and it is WONDERFUL even alone. It does cause side effects like constant cough, pacing so much for hours but good news is Cogention taken with regular prevents these. There’s also the almighty weight gain, but he needed it and we are happy and functional here!! Whatever it takes and any little side effects that are treatable are fine because the psychosis was severe and no longer exists even. Also anxiety is severe and therapy is amazing for that. God bless you all with quiet, calm peace and joy.