Last night I dreamed I was in love with filipino girl

And she was in love with me. And she was F-I-N-E. We just started to consummate the relationship and my alarm went off. I was so pissed.


I had a dream where I was hanging out with a pretty girl and things were going great. and i then i came on too strong (like i have in real life) and she ran away.

Then later we were randomly at a bus stop and I apologized to her saying “its not you its me”. Then she turned to a piece of cardboard. << @notmoses WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!?!

Ha, it means don’t put everything in a cardboard box, I’m almost certain that’s what @notmoses will say.

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I think…@notmoses ( you won’t ignore us! )
You might as well rename yourself to Ibn Sirin The Dream Interpretator.

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@Daze @Sarad Well. All I am going to say is that dreams like these tend to have sturdy hormonal underpinnings, and that hormone flow is usually set in motion by current – rather than distant past – drama. (And nowwwwwwww… I am out of here.)

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Hormones are best activated by eating chocolate, you think? Maybe she will reappear tonight.

So. He just wanted to get laid.


I would watch that mouth Mrs

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Notmoses gets it… wrong. That type of sh&% is wayy in my past.

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