Last few nights have been tough

It’s bizarre really. Not that I’ve been having nightmares those are typical but me constantly waking up in a feeling of panic. Even if I didn’t wake up out of a nightmare I’ve been waking up regularly feeling very paranoid like someone was just standing by the bed. However knowing this is just a tendency of my brain mentally I was quite calm, knew there was nothing there, and would just fall back asleep, only to wake up again with that same panicked feeling. Like my body was freaking out but I wasn’t? I really don’t know.

Anyways due to that I’ve gotten really bad quality sleep recently. And this is with seroquel and my other sleep aids. Buh…does this ever happen to anyone else?

When I was going through severe paranoia I would startled awake / jump up in the middle of the night suddenly. My sleep was dreadful for months. I was on qutiapine at that time also.

I am no longer on qutiapine.

My last couple of nights sleep has been pretty rough too. Not due to paranoia or anything. Just got a lot going on. So I know the sleep deprived feeling and it’s not nice. You get over tired and it makes matters worse.

I find posative self talk and affirmations to myself that “everything will be ok etc” sort of a CBT approach can help.

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I often have a sense of “holy ■■■■ wake up wake up wake up something terrible is happening!” Then I kind if force myself awake and I’m totally calm and annoyed I felt so anxious… In my sleep? I don’t know if this makes sense. But it’s really annoying.

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Prazosin (minipress) can help with nightmares and waking up panicky.

Yeah same it’s like my danger alarm in my brain goes off for no reason.

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I tried it but it made me too woozy :disappointed: Very lightheaded & almost fainting when I moved

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