Ladies: What are your bra habits?

Do you wear a bra?

Sport or fancy?

Do you wear your bra while you sleep?

I’m wondering how normal my habits are.

I sometimes don’t wear a bra,

Rarely wear anything with underwire.

Only on my periods do I wear a restrictive bra to sleep so they don’t feel as sore.

How about you?

What are your bra habits?


i wear a underwire bra… it’s like fancy bra… i don’t usually wear sport bras.

And for sleeping i don’t wear a bra.

when i put on my clothes i always put on a bra.

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I wear an underwire bra, even when I sleep.
But I don’t have many

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Do you mind me asking why you wear a bra to sleep?

It just feels more comfortable.
They’re so big and floppy


When I had big boobs,

I wore a “sleep bra”.

It was soft and provided some separation so they didn’t feel like they were squishing each other.

Big boob problems are real.


ah i’m lucky that my boobs are just good size so they don’t bother me too much… the thing is with all the meds i’m on they did grow a bit over the last 5 years but not too big luckily…

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I never wear a bra…

Well I shouldn’t say never

Occasionally I do, either a sports bra or this one that has underwire but no type of padding.


I wear a sports bra, I’m a B cup. Right now because I’m sleeping in my clothes I’m also sleeping in my bra. On Saturday when my bed is delivered and I sleep at home alone in my nightgown, it will be without a bra. And oh how glorious it will be.


How often do u all change bra?

i change once a week… when i take my bath at the end of the week i put the bra in the washing and then the next day put another one on.

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Every couple days.

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I guess I should be more specific,

I change bras every couple days when it’s hot.

If it’s normal temps and I’m not sweating, I wear them for a few days.


I never sleep with a bra.
I wear bras, yeap… Ive went from A cup to D cup with the zyprexa :frowning: … In fact, i am still sick, so i skip sometimes the bra under my clothes in the winter lol… But in the summer, i wear it, cause i dont like my boobs to be seen, plus i want to lift them a bit :slight_smile:
My mom thinks, that bras are quite unhealthy, idk if she is right…
I dont wash my bras quite often, should do it probably :slight_smile: .


I have size B cup breasts so I could probably get away with not wearing a bra but my former best friend told me I needed one.

I wear a bra at all times even in bed. I’ve never worn an underwire bra and I hate sports bras. Most of my bras are very old and raggedy.


I’m a C-cup, up from an B-cup due to meds.

I don’t really like my bigger-to-me boobs because they get in the way a lot.

When I sleep, I go braless.

During work, I’ll wear a sports bra.

And if I’m wearing a nice shirt, I’ll wear a nice bra under it.

I’ve found Natori bras to be suuuuper comfy, but they’re a little expensive. Nordstrom Rack has them for decent prices, though.


I literally just took my bra off to take a nap haha.

But I have a looser, softer sports bra that I wear to sleep sometimes because I like the support. If I don’t wear one then sometimes I’ll shove a blanket or a small pillow between my boobs because it’s more comfortable that way.

But I hate wearing bras in general. I think I would love an A cup.


Sorry if it’s weird that I read this

I wear sports bras and regular bras. I go to a specialty shop because they don’t carry my size in stores

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I’m anti-bra. I’m never wearing one. But I’m also small chested and can get away with it. Love having small boobs. Only ever did wear a bra when I was working at a corporate office and had to.