Lacking synchronicity in my life


I feel like everyday I wake up its the first day of my life. I have to start over every day I wake up. and by the time I sleep ive gone through so many different stages and changes that each day is like many days in one.

also I feel like I have poor sense of time. like someone on the tv will say “remember y2k” and I will think that years and the days don’t matter and its all the same or different, and it hasn’t been 14 years since y2k but rather many many lifetimes. I feel I am stuck in some kind of time warp that my perception of time is way off. does anyone experience this.

I also feel when I went through psychosis the world changed a lot and I missed what was going on and now im in a new world now that I am recovering and its all a shock to me. its like I took a time machine 6-10 years into the future which also messed with my thinking because I don’t really remember “normal” either.


Don`t know if this hits the mark:
My son is a few years behind on a lot of things because he does not watch TV-was too busy living day to day ( survival mode ) or spending time in hospitals, or being high. he was very much “in his head” most of the time.