I "have" a "magic time machine"

its very weird. and nice. makes me very patient. i will feel like its been an hour and its been 6 hours. 10 minuutes can actually be an hour. but when it comes to days they reverese. a week feels like 2 weeks or 3 weeks looking back on it. very long ago and distant. probably why i cant keep track of the day or date. it still feels like 2012.

Long time ago I learned how to hypnotize myself with time. I could speed it up if I needed time to fly, and when otherwise, solw it to a crawl.
Its great to live in the moment, but I had to “timestamp” my events or time meant nothing.

time sometimes speeds up and then the opposite for me , i have no control.
take care

I feel like time is always running way to slow for me. =/