Label your own sz...maybe this will be a nice introspective exercise

So minus this last year…I was undiagnosed…so I think I was an overly high functioning self medicating… destined to burn my self out one way or another…no real negative symptoms but dam a lot of positives that overwhelmed me…so the laughing while it all burns kinda sz

And now I think ■■■■ it I have sz…lots of negative symptoms still a decent amount of positive symptoms…try to make my pain into various jokes but…what I find funny and what a lot find funny are not in the same book…so the not too funny but kinda funny Loki sz…

Oh yea most Normie’s confuse sz with d.I.d…I have both and am nowhere near as bad as the ideas in the collective normie mind are…when I do black out I wonder around complaining of being lost…I’m not feral…even when I’m not me so to speak… I still maintain a certain level of humanity…bah…dual stigmas…

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I’d call my Sz affliction…

“Episodic Grandiose Self-Persecution”


So, this is the tone of the song we need . Not scary just in need .trying to help Huckfinn. write a song.

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I almost killed myself the first time.

First time what?

Something similar now that I’m on meds

Before meds I was a much bigger mess but now on meds it’s a cycle between grandiosity and persecution and normality but nothing entirely serious

My first hospital visit. If the knife would have been smaller and sharper I would have succeeded at beating out the tormentors. But now I just have the scars since they didn’t give me any ointment until I asked on day 5. One looks like the eye of the needle.

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Ah I’m sorry…I would have 1 less eyeball if I succeeded…Odin complex…I guess…

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What is the Odin complex?

Odin gained all the knowledge of the universe in exchange for ripping out his left eye…I thought and was compelled to do the same…

I think I’m the only one on this site who has had this type of incident so I don’t mind sharing it with you…

I switched highshools half way through my senior year. I was in torts law and heard allot about mythology across the hall. Really wanted to do photography. Bigger school. More options.

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I don’t know what kind of labels you were expecting but I think I have paranoid schizophrenia. I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder before though.

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As serious or jokingly as you wanted to make it…good work so far…


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you too awesome too brah?

Schizophrenia… a controversy behind everything.