(._.) ( l: ) ( .-. ) Say Anything LIII 😸

I’m just reading. All is well. So now to shower then suck on the vape for about a half hour then bedtime. Keeping my sunny side up.


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I feel schizophrenic here. In CA I would go days without suffering really, but it seems to be every night here. I have spent the last two days in my room but it’s pretty lonely in there. It’s the only way I can get away from broadcast news.

The akathisia is bad tonight and I keep walking in circles in the garage, just slogging on because it’s five times more comfortable than standing still or sitting. I’d look crazy if someone was watching me walk in circles like this. I do it whenever I smoke and also when it gets bad I’ll spend some time standing instead of sitting in the room I’m in. Propranalol does zero for it, I’m tired of being told it will help.

Gonna try to get through, mom’s staying for a week at a nearby place starting Wednesday and invited me to stay too, so I’ll have that, but after that one week I’ll be stuck here until Thanksgiving. I’ll probably time my next trip around when she gets the settlement so I can finally upgrade my phone. I have a 6 and they don’t even support those for current ios anymore.

Really looking forward to getting some financial help from her. I need a new phone, a computer screen repair, and eventually a new used car. I’ll also get the money I lent her back of course which will be nice.


I’m really sick of having nothing to do in my free time and wasting time on this website. I have a headache. My parents won’t let me eat in the room anymore so I can’t have a hot chocolate in here. Going on this website gives me a headache. Getting off gives me a headache. I am just so unhappy. Every time I get positive symptoms, my dad tries to kick me out of the house. Does anyone know if the side effects of clonazepam ever go away?


I had an okay night at work, not many bitchy customers.

I might be up for a while; I drank coffee on the way home, as usual, and I’m not drinking any alcohol today.

I’m not hungry, but I should probably have something to eat soon, regardless. I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the day because I’m that hungry.


6 months voice free tomorrow. Also I had a bad 13th - 16th July last year so I’m hoping for a good 13th - 16th this year and a good Christmas :christmas_tree: :bell:

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I just put a frozen pizza in the oven, pepperoni and salami. I’ve had it before a few times, and it’s very good. I’ll try to eat just half of it, save the other half for before work.

I hope y’all are well.


I am going to be 49 tomorrow. I never thought I would make it this long. Last year in the forties.


Ranch @agent101g

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Every time I get the feeling that my voice is not real I get a sudden jump of motivation to do work. But I automatically think that my voices are real so it’s real hard to hold onto the evidence that they aren’t real so I always end up back in a slump

I may have taken my morning meds twice

I woke up with a migraine. :sob::sob::sob:

I’m not feeling well today. I took a prn but it’s not helping.
I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that something is going to go very wrong, I just don’t know what

a little behind schedule this morning. didn’t get up til 1030am. going to postpone my workout til 3pm today. im still a little groggy. I must have got 11 hours of sleep last night. too much.

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Currently on the way to go hiking. Should be out on the trail by tomorrow.


stomach feels weird ive been awake for 3 hours and have been to the bathroom like 4 times and feel like i need to go again, hope i dont feel like this the day of my pdoc appointment because it is in the morning

I want to move back in with mom and dad, but don’t want the hassle of changing my address. and my garden is already established over here. I would have to put in a new garden if I moved over there.

right now, it’s not an option, but soon will they have the 2 bedrooms upstairs finished, and they said, “we can talk about it then”.

I don’t know, I just get a little lonely and bored living by myself.

also I have some furniture that I would have to sell if I moved. I will probably just stay here. im still not used to living by myself, and things seem to be getting worse.

dad said he has been putting my rent money in a mutual fund, and I will inherit it, unless he ends up needing it. also I will inherit this place. part of me doesn’t want it, as I would no longer be eligible for Medicaid. but another part of me thinks it would be nice to have a little money for awhile. maybe i’ll get on a cheaper med some day, or a generic form of Invega, and will be able to make the money last a while.

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@Moonbeam thats a hilariously awesomesauce cat :cat2: gif.

In spirit of say anything though -I feel like I should be raging out at how confusing and terrifying life is lately, but i feel ok! Its all ok.

got my workout in. I skipped deadlifts today, but good news is I finally got 37 reps on deep squats without quitting. only took me 20 minutes to workout today. I only did 4 exercises but my legs are tired now. now going to the grocery store.

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I have work at 5pm till 9:30pm, but I’ll be at the register so it shouldn’t be too stressful. I’m not scheduled again till the weekend. Going to take advantage of the time off and get in some extra lifting and cycling.

Last night I took a coconut oil capsule before sleep and today I’ve been really calm.



Hi y’all fantastic forum members. Good to see youse. I’m at the library. Gosh it’s a little warmer today but not much humidity.

Remember to spay and neuter the pet population and be kind.