Kynurenine aminotransferases and the prospects of inhibitors for the treatment of schizophrenia

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Very interesting news. Here is more information about the compound:

And related research done earlier:

Brain Compound Kynurenic Acid Like ‘Gasoline Onto The Fire’ Of Schizophrenia

“There are a lot of therapeutic strategies for dealing with schizophrenia, but one which has not been explored, and which we think has a great deal of promise, has to do with regulating production of kynurenic acid,” Bruno said. …

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For people more scientifically-oriented, An interesting presentation on the topic of these Kynurenine inhibotors as a treatment for schizophrenia. Click on either link below to see the entire presentation.

KAT II Inhibitors; a Novel Approach for the Treatment of Schizophrenia
Jaclyn Henderson
Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development
Neuroscience Chemistry
Groton Laboratories

Jaclyn_Henderson_Presentation_1200_1245.pdf (924.2 KB)

from here:

Yes. Researchers have been making noise about that for a decade, at least.

Which means it blocks glutamate receptor sites that attentuate dopamine channel firing. Sz pts need that attenuation.

Makes complete sense.

The ventral tegmentum – “in particular the VTA dopamine neurons, serve several functions in the reward system, motivation, cognition, drug addiction, and may be the focus of several psychiatric disorders. It has also been shown to process various types of emotion output from the amygdala, where it may also play a role in avoidance and fear-conditioning.”

Most sz pts have a wildly over-active and “poorly governed” ventral tegmentum, owing in part to insufficient attentation of dopamine channel firing in that region. It’s a big factor in what makes sz and bipolar pts “obsessive-compulsive.”


@SzAdmin @firemonkey kynurenine is it a supplement or drug.?..can u pin this topic …???

I’m not sure - I have not done much research on the topic yet, but it looks interesting. Its still early in the research though - so I wouldn’t recommend anyone do anything about this research yet or start taking anything related to this research. It just sounds hopeful and its something to keep an eye on as more research is done.