Kundalini Yoga


I currently do sudarshan kriya which I posted about awhile ago and now practice one or two times a day followed by mantra meditation. It is part of my day and I love it.

I watched the following fb clip with Russel Brand who explained how to do a kundalini exercise where it gives you energy. Now as I can’t get high anymore using the traditional methods (drugs), I am always looking for ways to achieve it naturally.

I wrote down the steps featured in the video and did it. I couldn’t manage 2 minutes the first time, only one minute, but still i was left feeliing exhilarated and good from doing it. I am going to do it more often from now on.

If you are depressed, perhaps this can give you a boost. The video is 5 minutes long, and although I am sure I looked silly copying the method it was worth it.


I always heard that kundalini yoga can be dangerous and should only be done under an qualified instructor.


kundalini awakening is looks like a curse. better to avoid it as everhopeful said if you are not under a guru guidence


I think none of the meditation helps sz and psychosis. . Holy moly…


Kundalini exist, but nobody knows it. It is feeling of ourselves. Not any body other can tell you


I know one type of meditation that have nothing to do with SZ. and I think there may be also many other technics and not dynamic meditation.:wink:


Whats that…??? @moshtaba…!!!


Nah i am fed up with meditation… plz be careful while doing meditation… it might not worth to…!!!


OK. thank you Niraj. I do.



Kundalini yoga is misunderstood. It’s not about giving you energy it’s about trying to achieve a kundalini activation which can be dangerous. It’s like giving a baby injections to be an adult. It will force you to evolve fast, will mess with your beliefs much like schizophrenia and could kill you. I myself had a full kundalini (which only maybe a few hundred people on the planet have had) and while I am very happy and enlightened these days my life was a complete hell for about 5 years. I felt I was getting electrocuted all the time and couldn’t sleep. I got so delusional I ran away from home and tried to swim across a river and by sheer luck I made it out alive. The stress of the incident played a part in the premature death of my mom. I was over medicated for years and had such over the top episodes the doctors said they had never seen someone so incredibly delusional. But long story short I made it out the other side and am doing great these days. I really don’t think I would want to do it all over again though. Even though I don’t think you ever will experience a kundalini like I did doing kundalini yoga (it’s too weak and requires years of discipline). There is a better way, PM me if you are interested, I’m putting out a book on how to achieve some degree of enlightenment without having a kundalini.


That video is funny.


Meditation worsened the picture for me.
I would be very careful.


I love yoga. I just do traditional yoga. I try to do it everyday. Although I don’t think I will practice tonight.


I’ve heard of schizophrenia being called “kundalini syndrome” by some spiritual practitioners, that is to say, it causes you to be overly-spiritual all the time, and isn’t totally desirable.


why would that be the case though if that’s true?


I practice breathing meditation for 15 minutes twice daily and it does me no harm. I am sza. If anything, it helps me to stay calm and keeps my mood even all of the time. I feel it is good for me. It also helps me to keep from over eating.