Klonopin question

How long did it take you to get used to Klonopin? This is my second day and I’m still feeling wobbly and foggy.

The dizziness faded after a few months, but the fogginess, memory issues, and mood problems that came along with it never subsided. That’s my experience. I had to stop taking it.

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I never had the problem of wobbliness and fogginess with Klonopin. Sometimes I think my dependence on it could have been purely psychological.

I’ve never gotten any bad side effects from benzos so I’m not sure. Maybe your body just doesn’t react well with them :confused:

How much are you taking?

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Started with .5mg and cut back to .25mg when my balance was so off.

You will have no negative side effects with time. But if you can avoid Clonazepam (Klonopin), do it because it is a highly addictive drug. I don’t need it anymore but I’m still taking it just because I’m an addict to it. After many years of that drug, it is almost impossible to stop it.

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I’ve been on Klonopin for years.
Finally weaned myself off of it for good.
I might take it only when I’m experiencing a severe panic attack.
@Twang try starting on a lower dose like 0.25mg and work your way up after a week or so.
Take it slow with this drug.

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Wow that’s a pretty small dose. If you’re getting bad reactions to it now that’s not a very good sign.

I think with benzos the key is to set limits. For example I use them as a “break the glass” sort of deal to where I only use them when I really need to, so I don’t use them everyday because using them every day leads to tolerance which leads to raising doses which can eventually lead to dependence. Then I also have a limit on how many I can take per day, so my limit is no more than two .5 mg pills.

I used to be on 1 mg of Ativan every day for a year, I took it exactly as prescribed and when I gained tolerance to it I just dropped it cold turkey and had no problem with it. The meds become addictive when you start raising your dose again and again and using them regularly.

Yes of course you’re totally right, you get tolerance.

I have been given right away 2 mg of Clonazepam and I have been taking it for 12 years because it was the only medication which used to help me a bit. And it took 12 years for the doctors to prescribe me an antipsychotic, this is why I have been on Clonazepam for so long time. As soon as I began the antipsychotic, I was not needing Clonazepam anymore but I tried to drop it and each time, it gave me severe symptoms and dropdowns even if I used to stop it really slowly because I’m now really addicted to it.

My psychiatrist says that I will be on Clonazepam for the rest of my life. It really too bad. I’m angry against the doctors for their incompetence because it took them 12 years just to give me the right pill.

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