Kinda want to try clozapine but what if I am too afraid to leave the flat to get my bloods done


Sounds silly I know. But I would have to leave the flat once a week like clockwork to get my bloods done.

I worry I am far to avoidant to manage leaving the flat like that. Am not bothered by the actual blood taking. It is the leaving the house.

One thing is for sure is that my current set up isn’t doing me any favours

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Clozapine might make you stable enough so you can manage to get your blood draws with ease.


Yeah I just thought the same thing

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why are you bothered to leave your house??

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I have an avoidant personality. Plus I feel like I am under surveillance


i feel like i also have this jimbob why dont you have a parent go with you or someone you know that always helps me. and no one is spyig on you its just the disease


Yeah I would need a chaperone

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Mention it to your careers might be worth it in the long run

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I get scared that people are going to kill me when I leave the house. It makes it really hard to leave. I miss my shot often. When I’m able to leave the house I just say I can fight those who want to kill me. I may win. I hope you can find the courage to leave your place.


My dr decided it was best for me to be in the hospital to get on clozapine so my bloodwork was done there. I was in the hospital for a month. When I got out of the hospital I only had to go every two weeks and now I’m at a month. It is tough getting there but I’m so scared not to be able to get my meds it drives me to do it. The pharmacy will not give the meds without the bloodwork.

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Does your psychiatrist want to start you on clozapine? I think it if helps, leaving the house would be easier.

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Like LouiseG said, you may find it easier to leave your flat if the clozapine works well for you. Now that I’m on Zyprexa, I don’t have a problem leaving the house because it got rid of my delusion that there were people outside ready to shoot me. Before that, I only left the house about two hours a week.

If your pdoc thinks it would be good for you, give it a try!

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Thanks for all the input folks. Is invaluable.

I think my current plan is to maybe try zyprexa first and if that doesn’t work try clozapine


Sounds good. If I recall correctly, you said previously that you’d have to go to the hospital when first starting the clozapine. Zyprexa is my miracle drug so I can tell you it can work very well. I’m looking for a job to get off disability after two excellent months on Zyprexa.

Good luck finding the right med!

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Yeah would need to go inpatient to start clozapine so kinda want to try zyprexa first. I have heard it’s a good med