Kinda thinking my nurses work for an agency of government

I got a new nurse at the height of my meltdown in the summer. She just arrived one day no notification. A couple of days later I phoned the community nurses and asked to speak to this nurse - the secretary said no nurse of that name worked in the department.

Later they did start saying they worked there. I didn’t think much of it for a while but these last two weeks I have been a little bit suspicious. To the extent I made an excuse and cancelled my last nurse appointment because I was distrustful.

It is my pdoc appointment on Tuesday and my nurse says she might not be able to make it. Am kinda wondering if this is because she doesn’t actually work in the team.

Busy busy busy


My nurses actually do work for the government. The Veteran’s Administration. I have the delusion(?) that the VA is killing off many of their veterans through the medications that they pass out. The VA’s medications are bottled by the VA. I’ve just seen too many of my vet peers die off to think otherwise.

My neurologist works for the government. The government told him about me before I went to my appointment. That’s how he told me I’m not schizophrenic. Because they said I’m not. My pdoc doesn’t appear to work for them. She says I’m schizophrenic. The government thinks I’m too normal to have sz. My neurologist had been fully informed about me by the men who follow me. It’s so frustrating!

I am kinda more thinking they have declared me a dangerous patient and have been transferred to a high security forensic team or something

I used to think my hallucinations were after me and worked for the government

Maybe I’m mis-remembering, but didn’t you post in the past that the reason the secretary initially didn’t recognize your new nurse’s name when you called was because the nurse was new?


That’s what they said. I think what I am thinking is unlikely and she in fact was just new but have annoying doubts

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Hey folks please ignore this thread. Wasn’t quite feeling myself and feel a bit foolish for posting it

There’s no reason to feel foolish. Are you feeling better?

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You are not foolish . These thoughts are not unusual for people like us. I’d got really worried with the benefit changes that some mental health workers were really agents of the State.


Feeling a bit better thanks. Think I have been a bit stressed this weekend. Hopefully next week will be better


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