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I haven’t been around for a while. I just got out of the hospital. Losing my doctor, not being invited to my grandsons fourth birthday party and then hearing rumors being spread around the small town I live in about me. I’m certain these rumors came from family members. It was all too much I ended up in the hospital. I have a difficult enough time going to town. Now I have to wonder who believes these horrible, false rumors. I don’t know why my family has abandoned me like this. I put up with so much abuse in my marriage. They all encouraged me to leave. Now that I’m gone they don’t want me around they hang out with my exhusband and they are spreading lies about me. I am not a criminal. Who is going to believe me? I have an illness but this doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings and I really miss being a part of my family. I have a wonderful boyfriend. He is very understanding and kind. Thank God for him. I’ve got to get over all this it is killing me. I would love to be able to be a grandma to my grandchildren. The kids seem to enjoy it when I get to see them.

hi joyful, welcome to the forum :smiley:

i am sorry you have been in hospital but i am glad you are out now, i was in hospital once and it helped me a lot.

as far as the rumours go i would just try to ignore them, i know its hard but it will just make you more paranoid and we dont want that, you will be able to see your little grandson again i am sure and you can give him a big birthday hug i am sure. take care x

Time reveals all. It’s true. Hold your head high, maintain your morals, live a happy, healthy life, and in time the truth comes out and yes, people do come around. Sometimes it seems like forever to wait, but it’s worth it when those who spread rumors are proven to be liars.

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I am glad your out of hospital now. I was wondering about you.

I am so sorry about your family. I know it is very painful. But if they are going to do this and upset you to the point of derailing all your healing and go out of their way to be rude and toxic that you end up back in hospital, you have to rely on your boyfriend and not your family.

Live your life as happily as you can without their chaos and toxic attitude and eventually all will be revealed. You’re ex-husband is their father? Is that how I’m reading this?

Thank you everyone for being so kind! My ex is not their father. I will do my best to not get too paranoid about the things being said. I have enough trouble with that without people adding to the problem. They are not good to me. I am so glad I found this forum. People here seem kind. I want to move forward and quit looking back over my shoulder. My boyfriend is good to me and supports me too.

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Hi Joyful, I hope you can find Peace in your life. At least you have a boyfriend to lean on and this wonderful site.
All the best to you

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