Ketamine Treatment for Depression in Patients With a History of Psychosis or Current Psychotic Symptoms: A Systematic Review


Results: Nine reports of pilot studies and case reports with a total of 41 patients have been published. These studies suggest that short-term ketamine treatment for depression and even negative symptoms in patients with a history of psychosis or current psychotic features can be both safe and effective, as side effects were mild and self-limiting.

Conclusions: The currently available literature does not support the assumption that ketamine will exacerbate psychotic symptoms in predisposed patients. Data, however, are limited, and further trials are needed in this patient group.

Important to note that this was under controlled dosing conditions, not recreational use of ketamine.


I was given ketamine in the emergency room for depression after a suicide attempt. The doctor was hoping it would help my med resistant depression. It didn’t help. I spent the evening hallucinating. The ceiling ripped open and I could see the sun shining through and the doctor’s face melted off. They sent me to the psych hospital the next day anyway.

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Thanks for posting.

My pdoc considered Ketamine treatment for my depression but due to my schizotypal disorder she said she wouldn’t risk it (psychosis)

Im pretty sure i would not get psychotic and i am sorry she chose not to treat me with ketamine.

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Hmm. . .

Ketamine worked great for me with my pain, but then I had a seizure and they took me off it. I’m considered allergic to it now. It worked well though. It boosted my mood and helped with the pain.

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