Kenosis.........just seen this

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that’s a good one, but you can’t be too empty, you need direction from somewhere. Sometimes if your mind is too blank you just end up doing silly things, like browsing the same sites over and over.

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sounds true to me , mate

You know we’re not allowed to talk about religious stuff.

its not religious

it is different than


its spiritual


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sounds true to me

we can teach others divinty

no harm in that in fairness

When I first saw the thread, the word looked like it meant something like: Inflammation of the Ken doll.

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@pedro27, not on this forum.

But I think I’ll make a forum for this sort of thing. Eventually.

well let the thread die

without reporting it

I never report religious stuff.

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it spiritual imo

we can agree to disagree

you can try that if you want, but it’s a losing fight. This forum is pretty much anti-both.

let the thread die then

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