Urgh 151515

My dad said that my genetic disease (muscular dystrophy) is caused by me not letting go of my wordly desires.

I’m honestly confused. What am I not letting go of??

He said that I am sick because God wants me to let go and stop controlling my own life.

I’m honestly shocked that my dad said this.


The less you know about a problem the easier it seems to solve :roll_eyes:

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I understand my dad wants me to be cured but honestly this is just too much!!


Yes this is extremely ambiguous.

So basically God is making me purposefully sick because I’m not following God or not wanting Him to take control over my life.

He was talking about my muscular dystrophy, not sz.

Honestly I am shook.

Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t reading very carefully. Well I definitely don’t think muscular dystrophy is caused by worldly desires. I don’t know much about it. I would read about supplements and diet for it, and other natural treatments.

That makes no sense rationally, what about sick children?
And if he is religious you can show him John 9:2-3.

Blurrgh “religion” again - Spouted by self-rightous tosspots to make you feel bad, in order to improve their own self worth.

Worldy desires - my arse. Tell them to bugger off, whoever is messing with your mind.


Maybe a voodoo rattle does the trick.

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You got MD cos of a medical disease. And thats what doctors are for. Dont listen to your father, Hes talking utter crap. And he should be ashamed of himself for putting you on a guilt trip - and making you anxious.

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Look. You have problems with your muscles.
I can offer you a tip that can improve your situation.
You should do strength and flexibility training.
Good luck.

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I’m a very religious person, but your muscular dystrophy is a illness you can’t control. It’s not your fault. Some religious people are full of crap.


That’s ■■■■■■ up that your dad would say that. He’s completely in the wrong.

Your dad is WRONG!!! 151515

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Your medical condition isn’t your fault. For your dad to blame it on you and try to use his religious belief to back it up is absurd.

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Is your dad a religious person? My mother lived and died from type I diabetes and she never thought God was punishing her. Bloody hell. ■■■■ happens.

I do know that negative emotions can affect your physical health but they don’t cause MD

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