Dreams and shaved head

Dreams are made winding through her hair.

Dreams are made winding through my head.

God has some explaining to do i do believe.


I’m so sick of dreams. They’ve been kicking my ass lately.

GD isn’t real

Name his names and see him then if thoust cares to see, otherwise it twould be unwise to say those things unless to thyselves in a mirror.

Let it be knownest, there are endless supplies of all resources any living thing anywhere can ever need or want, those who wish all to be dependant tell you this is not the case. I’d get your information from somewhere else people.

If all has no beginning and no end then there are infinite resources, do the maths kay bud.

I thought you were, for some reason, referring to the xian notion of God, ya know, the entity.
Infinity is God, yes
The bible combines true “god”, we will call IT x
With an entity, he.
Simple mis communication. Sorry

Is this The AllThat you speak of?

Cause I’ve done some thinking about that myself

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That’s what he’s referring to.
We call this "Source"
It’s not an entity, it’s all of us combined.
it says that both you and I are fragments of source
The source decided to experience itself from a different perspective. Rather than a creator, maybe as the creation
That every thing has a consciousness, every cell, but also every atom
It’s all about experience. Experiencing life from different perspectives
Would a rock not learn more patience than a human?

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Experience is everything

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