Keeping your diagnosis to yourself or opening it to others?

Is it better for me to keep my diagnosis to myself or opening it to trusted family or friends?which is the better way?

My parents suggested me to
Keep it to myself and never tell anyone because they feel I would be stigmatized but I feel I might be better off telling a few of my trusted family member about it,do you think my thinking is alright or should I stick to my parent view?

I guess it depends how open minded they are…

If they aren’t going to understand or be otherwise ignorant about it in some fashion then I’d keep it to myself. If however these people are open minded and accepting in general then I wouldn’t have any problem telling them.

Most of my family members know I have a mental illness, not because I’ve told any of them but because my dad has. He feels that it’s something that should be talked about freely and tends to do so. Mind you he hasn’t told everyone, but most of those on his side of the family know about it. He doesn’t mean any harm by telling people this he just, well, lives in an ivory tower world of absolute honesty and high minded moral integrity in which what “ought to be” is often confused with “what is”.

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i would say that close relatives need to know. with friends that depends
i have one close friend, yet i wouldnt tell him everything about my diagnosis
since he is already making jokes about my behavior, but maybe thats him dealing with such things.

I’ve shared my diagnosis with my closest family…that is my brother, my sister and my father. I believe that they have informed the rest of their family about my MI. I’ve told my best friend that I have delusional paranoia but didn’t mention anything about schizophrenia. I’m not working so as far as it concerns other people I took early retirement.

Everyone I know on an personal level is aware of my illness.

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I dont think there is nothing wrong with telling certain close and trusting family members about your illness, just be prepared for the worst and unexpected. I really hate to tell you this but it is so true, most people do not like to hear the word schizophrenia. The term scares off many, there is a lot of misconceptions and lies surrounding schizophrenia.
As an example, my own flesh and blood - my brother hit the roof and went into shock mode when he found out that my diagnosis changed from bipolar to bipolar and schizophrenia. Anyone that tells you to be very open about your diagnosis, and there is no problem is either lying or does not give a ■■■■ about your welfare. My old job got a whiff of my bipolar disorder and some knew I was seeing a psychiatrist, my life completely changed for the worst at work. At that time I was diagnosed with just bipolar and I still got targeted. If my schizophrenia diagnosis was known at that time, I would really be targeted and probably let go immediately.
There is no shame in having a schizophrenia dx - but society still lags behind in understanding the illness - they go by what they see from horror flicks and misinformation and fabrications on the illness.
You control who to tell about your dx, its your life, but I would be extra careful letting strangers or new people and coworkers know about the SZ diagnosis. Only one other family member outside my immediate family knows, I trust my Aunt and my gut feeling was right, she is totally cool with it and does get it

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I would test the waters. See how people feel about Sz first, then if it’s favorable and you feel the need to disclose your diagnosis, go ahead. But if there’s negative feedback, withhold the diagnosis to yourself. Be careful. There’s a lot of stigma associated with Sz. My job, family, and friends all know I have Sz and it is okay, but that is my situation. I belong to the Speaker’s Bureau where we tell our Recovery Stories all over the place to all kinds of people. I broadcast my Sz.

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The way my life happened, I’m pretty open about my Sz. I have told people I will never see again. I’ll never see them again.

I didn’t have to tell my family, it’s a close family and my Mom told a lot of people in the family when I was 17. Some have stuck by me and been amazing people in my life. Others haven’t been so kind or understanding.

My work got me from an outpatient program so they might not know my exact diagnosis, but they do know I’m not like everyone else. My boss is a very cool man and I ended up telling him. His reaction was… “Oh, I have to admit, I have no idea what that really means.”

I’ve been more cautious lately but that is just because life has been changing and it’s been suggested that I take a step back and don’t always blab it out there.

My girl friend definitely knows. In fact I told her the moment we met. I was hoping to scare her from renting the apartment next door because I wanted to move into it. So I told her she’d be living next to a scary schizophrenic. She didn’t bat an eye and told me her favorite Uncle was SZ and she’s not afraid of me.