Is anyone open to EVERYBODY about their illness?

I’m open to my teachers, my friends, and my family. How about you guys? It was MUCH harder than telling people I was gay, but just as necessary.


My family knows of course… their the ones who have seen me at best and worse

my closest friends know… new people I haven’t been telling off the bat.

My school knows I’m registered with the student’s with disability office… but they don’t know the diagnosis.

My boss knows…

I seem to go in swings… sometimes I tell everyone… other times it’s hard to tell anyone.

I tell very few.


I’m in a similar situation, obviously not everyone knows I’m schizophrenic because it doesn’t come up often and I don’t just go around telling people that stuff, but if for some reason it came up, I would have no problem telling them.

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Basically the same as you, I’m not going to twist and turn to avoid disclosing. I actually had a teacher who I would have liked to tell but never got to without making it too much of a coming out, like ‘there is something else I want to tell you … etc’. Not sure how to put it but I like when disclosure occurs within a more smooth flow of conversation.

Introducing it the other way inevitably seems to put pressure on the topic, making it a big deal. Maybe related to this, when it occurs as the genuine answer to a question of the other, I think they feel some sort of responsibility for me disclosing, after all, they asked for it. As such, I think they handle the topic with a different attitude than in cases where I just drop the bomb out of nowhere. In the latter case, I suspect many people do not quite know how to handle the direction I gave the conversation by disclosing. A breach is made in the flow of conversation, with the risk of ‘losing’ the other. This is all about anticipating possibilities.

my dad is the first one to know… my mom doesnt really understand it… she thinks it can be driven away with prayer. as for my friends… well one of them thought i was attention seeking and the other one thought i was disturbed and i kinda scared her away… so only my dad knows the diagnosis. i dont plan on telling anyone.

Yes, I am open to everybody about it. No bad reactions so far. I only tell people when it feels natural to do so, it’s not like I tell them immediately when I meet them. But I don’t keep it a secret from anyone.

I’m trying to be open about it now, with everyone. I think it’s healthier than keeping a secret or being paranoid about their reactions.

I keep it to myself. Just thinking of telling others gives me anxiety. On a need to know basis, for now


I don’t really have anybody to tell. My family knows.

I don’t go telling it to strangers off the street or the cashier at the grocery store but everyone in my life knows.

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I hid it from everyone but my family for almost 2 decades because I didn’t want the employers in the area to know it. I finally starting disclosing it when I worked as a VISTA volunteer and the place I worked at didn’t believe. I guess they didn’t smell any nicotine on me since I don’t smoke and concluded I was lying. I think after they knew me for a while they believed it. It’s difficult to explain living at home as long as I did, acting the way I have acted at times, going to mental health facilities as often as I’ve gone, believing I had a sister who didn’t exist at 23, and working as a volunteer for almost 10 years while trying to pass yourself off as somehow normal. My diagnosis is all over the Internet and if I’m ever hired again it will be in spite of the employer knowing about it.

Some of my freinds know (very close old freinds). My girlfreind. My mom sort of (she basically ignored it from the beginning). My dad denys it. And thats about it.

I only talk to professional people about my diagnosis. People where I’m staying knows that I have been medically boarded but they don’t know ■■■■ about my diagnosis. My direct family like my brother and sister and father knows. I don’t tell strangers anything about my health.

I’m not. I would like to be. I’m practicing it - when I talk to advisors about my first attempt at school, I’m very direct and forthcoming about my illness. I’ve had very supportive responses.

I’ve also talked very frankly about my symptoms to my coworkers, but have been reluctant to give them a name. They are kind of under the umbrella of Really Bad Anxiety :smile_cat: baby steps.

I wish i was more open to my teaches. I’m pretty sure most of them think im just lazy.

Most of my family knows.

I dont tell strangers anything about my illness.

I made the mistake of telling a few people - fellow employees, when I was working - it hurt me in the end.

Only my family and a few of my closest friends know…

most people are too ignorant to sza for me to tell them

their perception of ppl with mental illnesses are completely wrong

I don’t want to make a point of it, but most people in my life get the impression that something is off, I don’t have to tell them. I’ve found a lot of people sympathize with me without actually knowing me, which is heartwarming, but again slightly off. I really wish I had a sole doctor to sympathize with, but doctors come and go. Whenever I have a problem with my illness in public I revert back to my old gentlemanly self. It actually works quite well in awkward situations.

I don’t tell everyone, my partner tells more people then I do. I told people I was gay too, but that doesn’t get shared with everyone.