Keeping SSDI

So, basically I got diagnosed with schizophrenia and I am receiving benefits. Every few months to every 7 years they do a checkup on you.

This hasn’t happened yet.
I am real concerned about what I should say (even though I pray, and I think that’s helping) … to keep getting benefits.

I used to work, and I got so upset hearing things/voices.

From what I understand, when they do a checkup… you can’t be doing worse, and you can’t be doing better. If you are doing worse, you may get locked up. If you are doing better … you may lose disability. That’s pretty much for sure. There would be no reason to keep you on it.

I used to get stressed out with a high amount of anxiety… and I don’t want to go through it again. I like not having to work. I can load up a website and go to town.

… to make a lot story short :

I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I need to know what to say at my next review to keep benefits.

Let me know if this needs to be in a different forum. I will move it.

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I don’t get reviews anymore but when I did I always stuck to the truth…inability to stay sitting down for longer than five mins…unable to concentrate and low motivation to do anything …never got a review sinced I’ve turned over 55…good luck.


Be truthful. I’m well enough to mow the lawn in the summer sometimes and shovel the snow in the winter sometimes and I told the SSA those things on my first review which was late last year after 8 years on SSDI. I’m okay with some physical activity but if you put critical thinking, getting along with others, near weekly mini episodes of depression, a degree of social anxiety, and scary, though occasional hallucinations to the list, they happily approved me to remain on benefits. I wish I didn’t have to be on SSDI but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Honesty is the best policy.


I am not sure of the right thing to say. If I tell then I hear voices still, they may lock me up. If I tell them I have stress and anxiety, and don’t want to be put back into a position where I may develop symtoms, like I have at almost every job, then maybe they will continue benefits.

What determines if I will be able to keep my SSDI?

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It ain’t all black and white. And it ain’t so cut and dried. Lots of people collect SSDI who hear voices. Telling them you hear voices does not mean an automatic trip to the hospital. Plenty of people who hear voices can still function to a degree.

As to worrying about being “better”. Like I said, it aint all black and white. I’ve worked for years and still collect SSDI . I’ve lived pretty independently for years and still collect SSDI. So making improvements does not automatically mean they take you off benefits.

Like someone said, be honest. If you tried to work but failed because of your schizophrenia tell them that.

Part of a review is they will ask you how schizophrenia affects your daily life. Be honest and list what it stops you from doing and why.

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That is my main concern, getting locked up again. I barely hear voices, but they are there.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to ask my doctor about that.
If I hear voices (mild) would the lock me up?
I think the main thing is I believe I can’t work because of the chance of me hearing voices again.

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How about this :

I am currently almost stress free, thanks to my medication, but I believe that I may start getting stressed out an anxious again if I had to start working, and also start hearing voices again , like I’ve had at most of my jobs - where I have either gotten fired or quit. I don’t want to be put back into that situation again. I feel content with what I have now. I continue to pray every day.

It’s not there.

Anyway, should I say? I don’t want them to tell me I’m getting locked up for hearing things again. Should I just tell them I am experiencing stress/anxiety?

Nevermind. I edited it.

@anon4362788 can we talk?

Yes? 1515151515

In my opinion and experience nobody is hot n bothered to take yer benefits away, especially if it is your only source of income …
Just be open and honest, they aren’t sharks :upside_down_face:
For example, I went to jail a few times, they suspended my SSDI but gave it back when I left

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How about this? :

I have stress and anxiety still, and I think that if I had to start working again … that I might start hearing voices again. I’ve quit jobs , and have been fire by jobs because if my illness…

I also don’t want to say something that might get me locked back up in the mental hospital…

Just tell them I get stressed and don’t want the voices to come back? And that I believe I cant work again because of that… I might start hearing things…

It pays to be honest. Maybe I’m too honest. I went from a 5+ year review to a 3+ year review for talking about my delusions but I wasn’t really smart or professional about the matter. I just was voicing my problems which I thought were real. I didn’t really specify what I “couldn’t do” and I felt like my day to day tasks were too stupid to mention like crapping, smoking, drinking, etc.

I’m getting better but rather just stay home and not work. I feel ‘targeted’ or a victim sometimes and the doctor felt like it was his job to get me off benefits. My mom said I was doing better honestly, but not sure how I can work if I don’t shower, brush teeth, change clothes, and live in my head months at a time. Not so sure.

Life for me is getting better now under less strict rules for poor people like myself. I don’t feel like if I can ‘like a stamp’ (like one member here put it), I can work. Perhaps, I’m entitled or it’s my mentality. I’ll survive either way.

Still think I was ‘taken’ or abducted by aliens in college. Not really sure. Could be one or the other, or both.

I get flashbacks and dreams of past lives sort of like the Mandela Effect except the world keeps spawning like a video game on repeat with slight variations and crap. The totality of the variations can be substantial. I think I was in some sort of SSP program (perhaps alien) and thus might be from another earth and am a doppelganger. I never had money, but in my dreams, I did join the Illuminati, but ended up like Donald Marshall for talking too much. It seems like my past keeps following me and haunting me from one aeon to the next sort of like reincarnation and bad karma. It felt like CCC (Conformal Cyclic Cosmology) and sim theory.

They told me I was in “monarch” in a past life – they really did. They admitted it. But I think aliens are real too and real aliens interacted with me. Not sure why I was targeted unless they had it in for me or I was born into it.

I’m sort of disappointed in myself and my government. I think I should be getting more money or perhaps live in a better reality/world/simulation altogether. I thought about Canada or Norway but cannot go there by myself. I doubt they could protect me better anyways.

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