Keeping quiet

I was ill for 9 months of daily delusions last year
When anything so scary and feel like it’s reality based while in illness
I shut up, and go to my bedroom and I really don’t want to talk about it.
How do you manage
Do you shut up
Do you express yourself

I’ve learned to shut up when I am in a delusional state. I have long ago figured out that if you speak your mind when you have lots of extreme strange beliefs, people tend to lock you up in psych wards. Especially when diagnosed sz. I was fairly vocal about my delusions in first episode, got locked up. I was somewhat vocal in my delusions in my second episode, got locked up. In my third semi episode, I kept most of it to myself , took my meds and worked my way through and remained free.

That being said, its probably better for you in the long run if you are completely honest about everything so people can help you. But I have grown devious about it with my experience. lol.

Once I am past my episode , I blab it all over the forum, however. Lol.


I used to have a great friend I could talk about my unusual beliefs with. He didn’t alway respond the way I would have liked but he always listened and never thought any less of me because of them. The right friends are invaluable, and then of course there’s always therapy. I think it’s important that you don’t keep things bottled up even if those things are unusual, you just have to be judicious about who you express those feelings to.

I write it down.

Sometimes there are connections.
Sometimes there is evidence.
Sometimes it’s delusion.

Time works.

Ashes to ashes.

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