Doing positive things

i hope to spend many months doing positive things and mainly for myself. i deserve it.

i am starting of with much much needed physical exercises this morning.

then at work comes the mental exercises.



Well done! I’ve just taken my weights out of the storage unit and bought them into my flat. I did some this morning, hopefully i’ll make a good long habit of weightlifting


Positive mental attitude towards life is a winning strategy. We can get bogged down by bad stuff that happens to us but we can also lift ourselves up from those bad things and make the best of it! I use to think that my voices were something to rid myself of but these last few years I can see that they are a part of me and i’ve had them since childhood so it’s not alien to me. Enjoy your day!

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thanks hithere. i agree 100%. and if i could just keep busy with positive activity…

i am tired of concentrating on everyone’s negativity towards me. instead i am good to myself or trying to be.

my emotional health is on top of my agenda of something to do positive about.

i always u sed music for emotional well being. now i want much more. i will have to think of something.



You can do it! I like to think about all the things I am grateful for like family, having food to eat, clean water to drink, and things like having clothes and shoes to wear. It’s sometimes not too hard to get negative thoughts about things but i try to do my damnedest to remind myself that others have bad things happen to them too so we’re all in this world together.


beautiful hithere. i also have a nice apartment a nice car and a _______ job but at least i go to work.

memory lane is dangerous for me,