Keep working for part time?

I have interviewed for some full time post. I think it’s too much for me. I have a job offer. It’s about taking care of severe grade mentally retarded persons who are wheel chair bound. I’ll be working in the hostel. The working hour is long. I’m thinking if I should look for a part time instead.

That’s heavy work. Do you think you’re up for it?

I have been working for a part time it’s hard for me to keep it already. In fact I’ll lost my job soon. If it doesn’t work out for me, i might need to find some part time like delivery or fast food shop. I might live on very little income.

Tonight I’m thinking again if i could manage a psychologist’s job again. I still hope to try. I really wish i can discuss with someone.

Well, good luck goggles, seems like your mind is on track about it.

Since I’ve got interview s and they asked if i really want to give up my career as psychologist, I’m thinking again.

If i can work as an psychologist again, my life would be better. But i know it’s too much for me.

you gotta think about what is right for you, it took me FOREVER to be able to do fulltime work again…

Once you are ready for it you should go for fulltime, but not before.

As for continuing as a psychologist? You should probably get control over your own problems first, not to be judgmental but patients might think of you as a hypocrite. I know that when I was being treated fro SZ by someone who suffered PTSD and drank every night until they passed out I felt like they were being kinda stupid…