Keep putting on weight :(

Last 2 months I keep putting on weight. Not sure where its coming from!
Gone from using the first rung on my belt to the third, now the fourth today.

I suppose I need to calorie count because I have no clue where I am going wrong. Been eating mostly 2 meals a day with one smaller meal.

I really wish life was a video game sometimes and you could see the stats of the food you are eating in like a UI lol!


Calorie counting with an app on your smartphone is a bit like that.

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I’ve tried using one a couple of times. I struggle because I struggle knowing the quantity of the item/s I am eating. Like if I make a salad I don’t know how to measure the carrots/spinach etc (don’t own scales atm).

Oh yeah, you need to get a kitchen scales.

I put on about 30lbs in a year or since I have had SzA, now I am a few pounds shy from being clinically obese. I find that eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day with making sure to eat a larger breakfast with protein helps me eat less overall. Some people can eat 2 meals a day and not be hungry, but for those who can’t they end up bingeing. My pdoc said I have to put substantial effort towards diet and exercise now which is much earlier than most my age.

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My waistline has definitely got bigger. My jeans feel tight :frowning:
Getting to a place now where its getting harder to find my size from decent brands.
Gonna have to start regular exercise I guess.

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