Keep feeling tired and sleepy

I think that my mental health is deteriorating because I keep on feeling sleepy and tired even after 10 hrs of sleep…when I was well with meds I need 7.5-8 hrs of sled and I can be awake and alive for whole day,now I just feel bored and tired…■■■■

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That could be a result of your med dose. Also, it might take you longer to wake up and get moving. I wake up tired. But then as the morning progresses, I get better.

It’s like my body wakes up and then my mind wakes up.

Maybe have some caffeine, go for a walk, and talk to the doc if it gets worse.

I am tired and sleepy right now. I went to sleep at 1230 and woke up at 1030. My bigass coffee is dripping in the other room, its probably done now.

I drink like 400mg of caffeine a day. My coffee is like 150mg, its 4 1/2 tablespoons of grounds for one cup, I usually have 2-3 of those a day but on training days I have a morning coffee, it wears off and I get sleepy (sometimes fall asleep and am a little late to training) and then at 4 I drink 2-3 scoops of preworkout, C4 has 130mg of caffeine per scoop.

Preworkout is a necessity for me. I tried working out without caffeine a few times on these meds, I almost fainted and it was hard to drive, felt like I was driving drunk or something. I wait for my morning xanax to wear off (8 hours) before I do heavy lifting too.

During school, my anxiety wakes me up and keeps me awake, but I usually have two coffees before going to school.

I hate school, I make all A’s but it sucks sometimes. Some classes are interesting, some classes are just a pain in the ass. Last semester was a pain in the ass save for social psychology. Deviance was more like a history class than a psych class, it was weird. I learned the history of the US, mainly on controversial topics like the civil war, civil rights movement and birth of mass media. I learned that porn first started out as an illegal under the counter trade at cigar shops. Now you can go to when you’re 9 years old and get quite a sex education.

Hi @Mobc1990 - I have been very tired, sleepy unmotivated lately. I am not really depressed thanks to Lamictal, just feeling rundown. When there is added stress in a schizophrenics life, or when we feel overwhelmed, our bodies seem to slow down and shut down a bit. I have been napping more than usual lately, and this is because I am under some stress, as one of my aunts has passed away, and the tension is running high here lately. My folks had to cancel their trip. Extra sleeping, napping, and resting are ways in which our mind’s heal

I am not on meds and I feel this way. I think it may be due to the Sz.

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