Karma is in my favor for now

I know I don’t know much about BPD… But stealing cars is not a direct symptom I bet.

My youngest brother straight up stole my kid sisters car yesterday. He said that since he helped her pay it off two years ago, it’s rightfully his. He found the spare key and just took it when we were asleep.

Today our Dad is letting her borrow his classic SABB. He’s been rebuilding and fixing and spending time with that car nearly all my life. He loves that car.

Actually, I love that car too, it’s very cool. So we get to enjoy it until we get my kid sisters 1971 monster station wagon back. It seems the little brother has hidden it somewhere.

My parents have decided to find a way to get John in to see a professional. He does live with them. Even though they have never done “tough love” they have enforced boundaries.

He doesn’t get to say that having BPD makes him steal cars.

So things are going to change again and my sis has a gas efficient… easy to park… cool car for a while as a result. I will be very interested to see the result of all this.

This time… I love being on the out side looking in.

My brother makes my sister’s life at work a nightmare… she transfers pools and it has better pay and advancement opportunities and it’s a safer pool.

He tries to leave horrid letters, I just don’t let her see them, she’s fine and happy

He takes her car, she gets to use a better one.

Karma can be a wonderful thing.


I think it’s great that your parents are getting involved and are setting boundaries. Everyone must be accountable for their actions–BPD or not.

And I’m glad that he’s going to see a professional. I think it will be interesting to hear what the doc has to say about your brother’s behavior.

And getting proper diagnosis and treatment is going to help everyone involved. You guys can finally have some peace and start healing.

It’s great to see positive things coming out of a negative situation, isn’t it?



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My kid sis is over the moon about this new pool. There is a therapy group that comes and one of the instructors is a psych nurse at Children’s hospital. So my sis has a contact person to get plugged in with programs in our area.

The location of the pool is safer too. It’s in a park in a friendly neighborhood not out on the edge of a Frat house dist.

All her brothers negativity just seems to be bouncing off. :smile:

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Your brother is what my dad calls “on the skids”, whatever that really means. I take it to mean not right in the head. His behavior has been out of line and now it is just unacceptable- I hope your parents do what they can with him. I don’t mean to sound like an a$$hole, but I mean come on, he is really out of line and requires professional help. Stealing your car is just no. The hateful letters he sends are also just no. Him verbally abusing your sister at her job and making her switch locations was the last straw in my opinion.

I hope your parents do what they can with him. You and your sis don’t deserve his actions. And for his own sake, the dude needs help…he is obviously having psychological problems, serious ones.

I am glad to hear that he can’t get to you! Don’t give him any power by letting him get to you!

Looks like things are looking up for you in many ways - maybe this is the start of good/positive changes @SurprisedJ

the new car sounds cool, very james bond , or maybe riley bond (your kid sis is called riley, right?) forgive me i can’t remember names !
i am really happy for your sis getting the new job , sounds way better.
take care

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Yeah, I hope your parents are trying to help kidsister. It doesn’t exactly sound like a fair fight when a grown man is picking on and abusing a 17 year old girl.

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Maybe your youngest brother needs guidance. And what is he doing out while everyone is asleep? If he has BPD somebody needs to be there giving him his meds. Work it out as a family if possible.

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He’s 20. He is self professed BPD and declared himself as such when my parents told him to quit threatening our kid sis. He hasn’t be professionally diagnosed. He just read a lot of websites and now knows. He says he as no control over harassing our kid sis or hitting her, or stealing her car… It’s all the BPD’s fault.

We’re not buying it until he gets to a professional. It’s obvious that something is going on.

Well the positive thing is that he read a lot of websites and now he now knows. maybe that information will give him good karma down the road.

don’t expect much from karma, but if something good happens its an added bonus, all I ask is peace of somesort