Good vs. evil

someone threw a whole handful of big screws behind one of our tires. It popped the tire and by the time my husband could get pulled over the tire was wrecked. We didn’t have any money to get a new tire so we’ve been running on the donut (as little as possible)

Today I received a nice check for my birthday! I called the tire store to make sure it was enough for the tire and he quoted $80. So we went and got the tire. But when it came time to pay he only charged $20, since we had just bought those tires from them he decided to give me a prorated warranty on the tire.

So I got a new tire and groceries and the mean person who popped our tire got bad karma. I love the universe (and birthday gifts).


Something similar happened to me a week ago!!!

Karma is a b***** they say. Lets hope old screw guy or girl gets their tyres punctured! Meanwhile that is a nice thing from the tyre guy!

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@MissMermaid what happened?

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I have had three tire problems in the last few months. I hope I am done with tire problems for awhile.

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Let us harness the power of karma and use it as a laser-like weapon! Woot! :smiling_imp:

Happy birthday as well.

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