Just wondering


Can I drink wine? I know I can’t drink liquor or do marijuana.

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I think you can drink wine in moderation but can you keep it in moderation
If not you best stay off it
I allow myself a small glass of wine on Saturday night


Yes as long as you can drink 2 small glasses or less. Any more is too much.

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My doctor told me not to take my meds and alcohol within four hours of each other, but this is something you might want to consult your doctor on. Mixing alcohol and meds can be dangerous, and I wouldn’t want to see you hurt. Please call and check first.


I drink wine on a regular basis. But in moderation. I never forget what I’ve done or get sick and it doesn’t interfere with my life. If you can’t drink in moderation best not to drink.

Also I don’t know but if you are taking any benzos then best to stay off it. That can be dangerous.

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I get a haldol shot once a month


I cant even have 1 drink beacause the voices get worse the next day.
I think you should check with your doctor and even then be careful with it.