Just woke up from a nightmare

It’s 3 am, I’m just gonna get up for the day. I’m afraid to go to sleep again after that nightmare, the worst I’ve had in a long time. I hallucinated a bit after waking up, I often do that after bad dreams. Anyone else do that? In fact the whole dream felt like I was awake and hallucinated, that’s why it was so bad.

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I get nightmares when I lower my dose. Last time I dreamed I was being eaten by a giant crocodile.

I usually forget my dreams within minutes of waking but I’ve had some really bad nightmares before.

Best to stay up a little while or you risk falling back into the same nightmare again. Has happened to me a lot in the past.

One of the meds I’m on causes ‘unusual dreams’ that for me gives me a really vivid dream where I’m in the middle of psychosis. Its kind of a nightmare but I the same time it feels important. Like in the last one I was arguing with my brother who’s never understood mental illness bc he thought I was just high.

I just woke up from a nightmare as well. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to trigger anyone. I have never dreamt of that before now I am terrified to drive today. I am a realist but I think our dreams are premonitions. I was in bed hallucinating for a little bit before I realized I was awake. I haven’t had a nightmare that I can recall in over 15 years.

I hate dreams about ‘the end of the world’. I hope that tonight your dreams will be better.

My hallucinations get stronger before I fall asleep, but it doesn’t bother me much.

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