Just wanted to say

Thank you all for your support this year, I know it’s been a rough ride for me and many others. I appreciate your replies so much; makes me realise I’m not alone anymore, and it just helps. You’re all incredible, the strength you show day in, day out.

I know the holidays are hard for many, I hope you all find relief in the kind you need at this time, and I hope the new year brings renewed hope, I know myself, the new year is always daunting for me, I always cry at the thought of facing another year, I hope this year I don’t. I hope many of you don’t either! No matter what you can get through anything with determination to have change, I wish you well, I won’t be online the next few days, unless I can sneak on!

Take care, thank you for all your help, it never goes unnoticed!


Ta have a very merry Christmas eat lots and good luck for next year :grinning:

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I also hope you have a lovely holiday time and things get worked out med wise… school wise… and everything else. May next year be better for you.

You’ve been working so hard… I believe it will pay off very soon.

I’m rooting for you and hoping the best.

Happy holidays.

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hope you have a good one hunni and you get well soon. xxx

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awww meg your a sweetheart happy Christmas to you. have a good one!

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Happy Holidays to you! New year`s Eve is my favorite because you get to start all over again.
Wishing you every joy ))**

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Thank you!

I had a good Christmas, I hope you all did too? We’ve had some serious conversations mixed with rest and we’re going to continue to rest my head. We’ve officially moved our living room, into the middle room of the bottom floor. It was our plan for ages because our neighbours are very noisy in our old living room so we have sound proofing and stairs in the way of the wall of our new living room. It’s bliss, and I don’t have the window at the front of house so I can’t see spies!

I made mum really happy with some of my gifts, she didn’t realise I could still show such thought into emotion. It shows I’m improving, slowly but surely.

Take care all of you, and wishing you a good New Year’s Eve/Day!