Just treated my sister to dinner

At a really nice Chinese restaurant.

I’ve been going over her house once a week for dinner for years. I should have done this a long time ago. But I’ll start doing it more now. Including the tip it came to $80.00!. I’ll treat her again soon but not to such an expensive restaurant. But it felt good treating her to a good meal. My family has treated me countless times to restaurants, movies, plays, etc. One meal is just a drop in the bucket but it felt good nonetheless.


That was nice of you. :octopus::octopus::octopus:

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That was very thoughtful :slight_smile:

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Always good to pay back. Big ticket but sounds a nice meal and treat. Good for you.

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My parents come to my place on a Wednesday night every week since I moved out, and I go to theirs for Sunday dinner.

Works well.

Maybe you could do something similar with your sister?


Well, that’s something to think about.

It has made my cooking not too bad. I enjoy trying to buy something different each time from Aldi

If I didn’t do this I’d probably not eat properly twice a week!

When it’s just me I will have a frozen pizza or a microwave meal!

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This is a very good idea @77nick77 . I don’t see my family very much except on special occasions like holidays and birthdays. And my sister now has a tumor in her brain so I don’t know how much longer I’ll have her around.

You’re giving me the idea to call her tomorrow and invite her over for a home cooked dinner and a Netflix movie.


I hope my sister and I can be on friendly terms for the rest of our lives

I kind of think she hates me

We were uber close growing up

Nice thread Nick

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80 bucks? Why was it so much for two people

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It was a very nice restaurant.
I told my sister to get whatever she wanted. First, she ordered a big bowl of soup and gave me some. Anyways, we had the soup, brown rice, drinks, a plate of Chinese style baby back ribs. She ordered a big plate of something and so did I. It was all huge portions and we both ended up taking doggie bags home. Also, I left a $13.00 tip.



Gifts In Unique Ways Are Important And Helpful. . .

Family Is Not To Be Taken Lightly. . .

You Did A Good Job At Supporting Your Family’s Function Within The Foundation Of America. . .

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Also, it’s California. I grew up there and know that everything is more expensive

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That must have been such a nice time! I bet she really appreciated it!


that’s really nice of you =)
she must have been happy with that!

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Sounds like China Town, shame about the lockdown over here!

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