Fancy dinner

My sisters took me out to dinner tonight. A NICE place. It was packed. In fact it’s only a Monday night but our whole downtown was crowded. I ordered the ‘Prawns in Garlic Sauce’. When it came it was only SIX prawns on a plate. $26.00!!!
It was good but that’s more than $4.00 per prawn. My sisters ordered beef or pork. Anyway we talked for a couple hours. When the bill came it was a a $100.00. I offered to pay the bill because my employer has been throwing money at me right and left. They gave me an extra $1000 paycheck for “Retro pay” a couple months ago. Then another check for my 5 year anniversary. I thought that was it but today my boss handed me an envelope with another check…When I got home it was TWO big checks. So I offered to cover the bill. The thing you have to understand is that I have lived below the poverty line my whole adult life. I’ve been so poor in the past that I had to sell my record collection just to buy food. I’ve gone hungry before. I’ve had nothing and been in debt. So I feel when it comes to money,I’ve paid my dues and I will enjoy having a little extra spending money. Anyway my sisters wouldn’t let me pay the whole thing so I paid $50.00 plus ten dollars towards the tip. It was good to get out and it was good to handle being around a lot of people.


I love hearing about how things have finally gone your way and now you get to enjoy some of your life after all you’ve been through, and you get to enjoy it with your sisters who you are still close to.

Very cool Mr. Nick, I’m glad you finally get to have some fun.


It’s so nice to hear that you had a good time with your sister and your financial condition has been improved recently…You do have a good family where your married sister still spend time with you frequently. I am happy for the bond between you and your sister. Just enjoy life as much as you can, 77nick77, because you deserve it!


Eating out can be a very satisfying experience if the food is good. I can remember decades ago being shocked when my parents got a bill for 50.00 when we ate out. It was good of you to pay part of the bill. It’s always good to get out.

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ever thought of doing lotto, you might get one of those REALLY big cheques…!?!
of course how on earth can you get the cheque in your wallet or through the grill to the cashier at the bank , is a quandary !?!
take care

I think the liquor store down the road cashes those big checks. I see people go in there with them all the time.


Sounds like your sisters really love you. My sister treats me too. It’s so nice. I’m so glad you’re having a good prosperous time. Yay Nick!

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I’m having some problems with neighbors. It’s culture shock, a clash of cultures. But my sisters have a standing offer that I can call them anytime to talk about it. But thanks, I will ignore them and try to have fun! I’d rather be happy, than right.


How nice! Getting to go to a great restaurant with great company. You definitely deserved it.

The most expensive meal I’ve ever had was at a restaurant in Vegas called Switch. It was a cool place where the walls and ceiling switched to a new decor like every 30 minutes. I think there were like 4 different schemes that were all a different style. It was a very cool ambiance.

But the food was outrageously expensive. And my friends were all ordering expensive bottles of wine.

When the check came, it was $600!!!

With my friends paying for our hotel room for the week, and the tickets to see Beyonce in concert while we were there, I offered to pick up the tab.

It made me feel good to be able to contribute, but OUCH did it hurt my frugal financial sense lol.

But looking back on it, it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget!



Sounds like fun.That’s lot of money. I hate to be as drag but you could have bought 20 hamburgers at McDonald’s for that much! But it’s nice to splurge sometimes and it’s the experience that makes it special.

Be sure to open a savings account!

But yeah, restaurants like to stiff people on the shrimp.

Yes, that was pre-disability, when I was making great money. I’d NEVER spend that much now lol!




Woah… my gran used to say that exact same thing all the time. It was odd seeing that phrase. She used to say… One can be happy or one can be right… I’d rather be happy.

I don’t know if the meal was expensive, but for my re-birthday, my family took me to this little burger joint out on Vashon Island that I used to love to go to as a kid. They still had cherry coke vanilla shakes.

The boat ride was fun, the little town of Vashon was having some small village Winter parade, the burger joint still had all day breakfast… blueberry pancakes. The meal wasn’t very much, but what a decadent day. :blush:

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Sounds like fun, surprised. I’ve been to a lot of restaurants and it was rarely a bad time. Yay for gran, by the way.

Yeah, I already have a savings account. I could buy TWO POUNDS of frozen shrimp from Safeway for what I paid for those six prawns. But I guess if you look at everything like that you could never have fun.

If you ate it and all you could think about was what else you could have bought with that money it wasn’t worth it.

I was surprised at the price but they were the best prawns I ever had and I enjoyed my meal.

Awesome! :smile:

All I had was some KFC chicken today.

However, they also gave me 25 ketchup packets, and 22 napkins.

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