Going to lunch with mom tomorrow...chinese buffet!

and I am hunnnnngry !! Always a good time with mom…and my favorite restaurant !!


That sounds gooood! I haven’t eaten chinese food in a long time.

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I can’t afford going out, not with 7 people. It’s a rare treat. But we did have frozen Chinese a few days ago.


Lucky! All the Chinese Buffets here are gross.

Not even if you buy off the $1 menu? I heard in a lot of cases fast food is cheaper than a home meal.

That’s awesome! That’s great that you have a good relationship with your mom.


One of our local Chinese buffets just reopened. There was almost no one there. It was the first time eating out as a family at a buffet. It was strange.

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Sweet! Get some sweet and sour chicken for me oh and some egg foo young.


If you add up a drink, sandwhich, and fries…that’s $21 before tax. I don’t often have even that extra.

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Chinese buffets do not have dollar menus. Also eating from home is way healthier and you can cook larger quantities so it lasts longer than just one meal.

McDonald’s still costs about forty bucks for a family of seven. Still expensive, I know.

My favorite chinese meal is, fried flounder, rice with sweet and sour sauce. I put the sweet and sour sauce over the flounder and the rice. ummmm gooood

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Oh didn’t know that lol

You just made this Skunk insanely jealous. I nearly want to lift my tail at you.

Jk! :joy:

Hope you have a great time dude with your madre.


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