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Just started Geodon


What do I need to expect as far as side effects go and stuff? Anything particularly scary?


I get tremors in my hands and I used to faint sometimes right when I woke up if I got up too fast. Benedryl (2 a day) knocks out the tremors and I lay in bed for a minute after I wake up so I don’t pass out.

That’s all I have had and been on it since 2009


What dosage were you at that caused tremors?


I’ve taken as little as 20 a day and now I take 160.


I’m on 80mg/day. I have never had any side effects, except drowsiness when I used to split my doses into morning and evening. Now that I take it all at night, I sleep slightly longer than I used to (nine hours instead of six), but that’s it.


Oh okay, I’m on 20mg/day right now.


Nothing scary @ZombiePupper
Just make sure that you get an EKG every 6 months or so.


I’ve been on 160 mg a day Geodon plus 800 daily Seroquel for over a decade. Neither drug has any side effects for me, other than a general weakening of my body, like all the AP’s do. Some people have trouble with Seroquel being too sedating, but I never had that problem. Geodon controls my symptoms with fewer side effects than any AP I’ve come across. It’s given me a quality of life I couldn’t get on any other antipsychotic.


I’ll make sure to ask my nurse practitioner about that! Thank you for letting me know!


When I first started geodon I experienced lightheadedness and it went away after a while. You may have to make sure you don’t stand up too quickly so that won’t be a problem


20 is a really low dose but it kept me out of severe psychosis and the hospital. Through trial and error I learned that I need to take it twice a day and more is better.

If you struggle don’t be afraid to ask for more.


I really struggled on geodon, I struggled to do everything, and it barely controlled my symptoms. Due to too many side effects I switched to zyprexa within two weeks. But sounds like most other people had good experiences. It was scary for me. Literally thought I was maybe dying. I think I was on 40 or 60 mgs my pdoc said the effects may be because I was at too low of a dose but I refused to go further with the med so we tried zyprexa and have had success with it thus far


Zombie boy that’s good. Geldox is sne serious shyte. I expect that you will. Talk t


With Geodon, the scary thing is when you first start out on it is it will make you extremely sleepy. I mean EXTREMELY. Do not drive a vehicle while first starting on Geodon. YOU WILL fall asleep behind the wheel. I did. I fell asleep while driving on the interstate. How I didn’t get killed, I’ll never know. Over time, your body will adjust to the medication and you will get used to it and you will not get sleepy from it but it will take time. Give it time.


I am good on Geodon. On this chemistry i became high functioning. Less sleepy, more energy, more motivation, less side effects. At first i had trouble staying asleep i would wake up from sleep at two at night unable to get back to sleep. Then after a while of this i decided to take another dose at bedtime and it worked. I can sleep well now. I take my 40 mg dose in the morning, in the afternoon and at bedtime. This is optimal for me with the halflife of geodon in my blood. I had a bit of pains in the beginning upon entering heated rooms, like some burning sensation on my limbs. But this went away completely after a while. I lost like a lot of weight when i got on it. Like 30 pounds. I was slim. However over time i gained it back. I do not have sexual disfunction on geodon. I get pretty good erections. This is a positive. So i am a fan. I dont have plans to get off this chemical. And i forgot to mention i dont have any positive symptoms since like 18 years.


I drive a car no problem.


I really want this to come out in the U.K

It sounds like a really good drug to be on. I managed to get on Latuda as I got too many side-effects from Olanzapine and Abilify didn’t work.

There are very few options left for me now in the U.K but if I did change I’d go for Haldol as like Latuda it’s less prone to weight gain.

The problem is restlessness. Does Geodon have this problem?


I take Geodon 40 mg three times per day since 2002 and up to now do not have tremors or restlessness.


Its a very expensive drug. That is why some countries and some doctors dont want it. Why need Geodon if haldol does the Job. It took me some time until I found a doctor, who was willing to prescribe me Geodon original. There are generic versions that are cheaper but its not the same chemical composition, I tried generic version and felt not the same.


That part about haldol was Sarcasm!!! Haldol cannot be compared to Geodon. These are different leagues. Geodon is champions league. Haldol is for district league.