Sz.Com Inc

Alright fellow denizens of the domain… all of you are welcome and encouraged to join in.

@anon31257746 just raised an interesting idea in another thread in response to me suggestion a potential business comprised of us folk. Some kind of remote operation where we create simple products.

I know intellectual copyright is a concern for people with money making ideas, but if you are comfortable sharing general ideas of what a group of us might actually be able to get into the market or create for ourselves… well welcome aboard.

So far on the list is:

SZ simulation software via VR set ups… (seems pretty plausible) we know more about the illness than anyone else.

I’ve got some ideas that I’ll get around…

A basic one is a simple clothing line which fights stigma. A lot of room for creative design and people to get into it and expand on and start getting a cut…


The clothing line could be about fighting all kinds of stigma… standing up for all the minorities that this culture misrepresents… it’s kind of a niche market… you don’t want the message to be to blatant or militant… but you want it to be something that people can recognize and connect over… something other people might take interest in and want to learn about.

“Underdog Attire” is the first name that came to mind.

I don’t know if anyone has a history in business here, but the legal and accounting side of things is a baseline need… especially potentially handling payments to employees on an international level… the legalities of all that.

This is more an idea thread… but I doubt this would ever become a full time operation for anyone… but it could be a good way to earn a little money (eventually).

I think we could do the most with programming… and making software… a lot of options there.

even phone apps and things like that… 2$ sold 100,000 times would pay a small team of developers.

@waterway does graphic design.

Software in itself can serve as a platform for more people to get behind a product.

I understand code well enough to communicate about it. Recently I reinstalled blender and started toying around… seems as developed as any other 3D software suite. Even has the capacity to have game engines developed within the framework… which is pretty cool.

Viber or Skype allow for international communication for free… across a lot of devices. Even group discussions. I don’t know about group video, but that doesn’t seem all that necessary.

Music and audio engineering… podcasting (@MrSquirrel) social networking management… if it takes off there would be positions like that for people…

A website would be needed… a good store and payment system set up… shipping options and all that sorted out… people to process all that. Complicated stuff to get set up.

Anyone still following along?

No interest in working with or managing groups of people in the future. Did that for the IT department of a Fortune 500 and it was nearly the end of me. Happy driving my rig these days.


“What is normal?” marketing campaign… utilizes various statistics to paint the true image of the human condition… perhaps reducing that societal pressure to conform for some folks.

How about?..

At “We put the I in Delusion”

lol! (I’m sorry, I’m tired and kinda giggly right now)


I see you putting your studio to use producing podcasts that update people inside/outside the company about current developments… maybe a monthly thing 30 to 45 minutes… most of the info would just be passed to you and then you get to add that pixel spin.

Normal is the part sticking out above the water:

Everyone has their freaky hidden bit. Everyone.

(Take this from the tech who used to clean virii out of people’s porn stashes on a daily basis in years past.)



I don’t know how to do strike out… and this would be more counter productive instead of promoting an accurate image of schizophrenia

At, we put the i(scratched out with a ‘we’ scribbled in) in delusion

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Yeah let’s bring that to the surface a bit you know!

Good pic.

I mean there could be a set of shirts or hats that each have a symptom of mental illness on them.

Watch out for
(insert symptom)
Support mental illness awareness

or support mental health awareness

I like the idea of using SZ in place of schizophrenia… it kind of hides the word unless you recognize it… but become and enigma for people who see it frequently… what does that SZ mean anyways. Someone tells them… All these people have SZ? Yeah… or they just like the clothes

yeah you kind of want a symbol that everyone would basically recognise but isnt too blatant, something to do with split, or 2 sides of something, maybe a coin thats heads thats been split in half, or 2 sides of a rubix cube finished, a tree split down the middle, a stop light with the green light and the red light lit up at the same time, etc…

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I think even google hangouts has video chat?

I was thinking about software suites…

I’ve been using google docs for years… it’s free and on the cloud… easy to share and have multiple editors and what not. There would always have to be someone in charge of each document to make proper back ups when appropriate and lock others out from editing when things are finalized…

Even non google native files can be shared this way… so graphic designs made in GIMP can be passed around… PNG could be the standard format we use as it can be rendered in browsers…

Good ideas man… We wouldn’t have to decide on just one I don’t think… can kind of put them all out there and see what has the right effect

one thing ive noticed in the mobile app industry is that people are so used to getting FREE apps that they do not even want to pay 99 cents.

software applications for the desktop or laptop computer though people will still pay a decent price. thats just how it goes when there is such a mish mash of a million free mobile apps.

so its best to come up with software that can then be made to work on your mobile. but marketed as a software program for your computer.

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Yeah… that is true… but a niche app… or a good game… people would pay for…

it could just be a free interface with the company… liek a glorified website with a few more features… maybe a community page where people can have accounts… although I think it’d be best to jsut pass that kind of traffic back to the site here… this community could always be stronger

A shirt that simply says.


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free apps do work too though if you can get the right advertisers. and from a purely business based perspective, drug companies will pay…

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