Job Ideas that might work

Anyon consider starting a micro business, like on Etsy? I don’t know the specifics but, I think you can sell your own crafts or clothing, etc. Just a thought. You can work on your schedule and it may provide a little extra income.

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Another idea is to publish videos on YouTube. I think if you do, you would need to publish videos about once or twice weekly to gain subscribers.

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Every few days and it needs to be original and compelling content. Or you need to find a way to curate the content of others without violating copyright. Tricky.


Yeah. I am not really knowledgeable in copyright laws, etc. Something, I would need to research on.

I follow a few gaming feeds on youtube. It’s pretty commpetitive and seems hard to provide enough quality content. I think it would work if your passionate about a niche hobby or something…but it’s all about subscribers so you need volume too. It’s not an easy market.

Some YouTubers I follow have posted videos on how much they earn from the platform

It isn’t much until you get into the 100’s 000’s views

I tried making content about Sz before because I was angry about the lack of people fighting our corner

There is definitely an ‘activism’ gap for us, and we are 1% of the population - and I don’t mean the ones that have most of the money either (I wish!)


Yes, definitely gets over looked of which is a great shame, as a lot of us are uniquely great interesting people, who could add something emotionally intelligent to the modern state mental health system.
Instead of the south London goon show, of which it is.

I would like to work again at my last job I quit in 2020. Accounting assistant.

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I really only watch one:

If there’s a wrong way to play a game, you can bet that Josh will find it.

Hilarity ensues.

There’s a SZ YouTuber who apparently makes a few thousand a month. Forgot her number but probably is one of the first to come up if you search SZ on YouTube.

Don’t push yourself to make money in some entrepreneurial thing from zero dollars. That grind to your first $5-10k will take as long as making $40k in a conventional job, and be far less certain.

But once you get $5-10k in a conventional job, you can try creating a business befitting your skill level.

Anything goes. You can even get a nice public front for a proofreading career with that money, setting up a website and marketing it sufficiently with that money.

Proofreading is cozy and you can do it remotely, giving you around $40k before taxes.

I’m really interested in making a marketing agency via “contract arbitrage,” which is basically getting some middle-managerial-level marketing knowledge, and tapping some marketing contractors online who speak english well but don’t require a lot of pay, and linking them up to local businesses who will likely pay ~60% margins at first, then once you’re well represented in that niche and have turn-key solutions, margins can be as high as 98%! Low-end pay for this kind of client is around $1500, monthly.

All the agency head has to do is make cold calls and connect the contractors to clients.

I need that first $5-10k though. Need some remote skill that will pay me that much, at no less than $10 CAD an hour. $15 would be nice.