Just saying...you are welcome to Sarad's resort!

If the worst happens, my dear Americans, you can choose between
Croatia, such a beautiful country, just amongst the poorest in EU, with high unemployment and Catholic rightist ruling politics; or you might want to live in
Bosnia and Herzegovina, beautiful country, where you have two federal units and three presidents in the area size of West Virginia… Or maybe
Serbia, which president is, just, you know…a former graveman.

Just trying to cheer you up … :relieved::cry:


Hey you little sex monster! :space_invader:

If you are referring to what I think you are don’t worry separation of powers will keep in check whoever gets in. Plus the bureaucracy of Washington makes passing laws very difficult.

Any country that you’re in has to be a good one!

Oh you little flirts! :blush:

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I wish there was a country that respected my mental illness and identity. but it’s hard, seeing as this modern society fails to recognize that I identify as an Attack Helicopter.

I’m so sorry people. Speechless. :disappointed: its just a four years though, right?

yeah woop woop, going to the club in Sarads pad woop woop lol

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