It's Friday and I'm home (in bed)

Yeah…well. Its kind of a sad day today and tomorow will likely end up with even more sadness. 8000 people tortured and killed on this very day twenty years ago in the small city somewhere in the hills of the lost world.

Oh but that’s not the topic.

Do you go out, how often and what kind of entertainment you choose?
I reached that blessing state when it doesn’t make difference if i go out or stay in bed. :angel:

nothing dies…souls go on to another future…another past…another now.
take care :alien:

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I’m in bed too, a few worries

“You’re more than a friend
You’ll be born again
We’ll be in this race until the very end”

The Srebrenicia (sorry if I spelled that wrong) massacre? Yes, I remember that. I think (I was occupied with illness at the time) that was the reason for the US’s involvement. I know the US still maintains a military presence in Kosovo.

That is beautiful. Off topic…but beautiful :blush:

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Yeah i don’t remember things either ( its not in my country) but my dad told me about it.
Yeah president Bill Clinton played the big role in establishing the peace. He is actually there tomorrow at anniversary.
But the major guilt was on the UN soldiers who didn’t stop the massacre although they were there all the time. Sad story all in all.

Sarad you seem like you would be fun to party with! Unfortunately I don’t party anymore because I go to jail! I work on my Friday nights…it’s good for me. When I’m not working I feel lost in the world Im realizing. Maybe I should become a workaholic. Would be nice to work until I can’t keep my eyeballs open and I just collapse everyday.

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Yeah im definetly getting too old or too smart for the rave parties.
I dont like to work i have a permanent laziness syndrom. O.o

That’s too bad. You probably already rip your hairs out everyday having a child :smile:

Its fine. He is a good justification for not working :smile:

I would do the same.

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Well…good night good people.
Back to bed…from the bed. :sleeping:

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Sleep well Sarad :slight_smile: