Just reminiscing

My first job was as a dishwasher. Often when we brought back a tub of dishes from the front of the restaurant to the back to wash there would still be food on the plates. A half of a sandwich. A partially eaten steak. A couple pieces of bacon. A waffle. My fellow dishwasher would always eat the leftover food right of the plates! I thought it was pretty gross at the time but ‘lo and behold’. In 1988 I was at a different dishwasher job and I started doing the same thing!

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My first job was picking blueberries and muscadines on my grandparents’ farm. The blueberries sold for $8 a gallon. I ate on the job too.

What are those?..

They are a type of grape… dark in color and really good. They make great jelly and wine.


If you can get your hands on some of the golden varieties they are exceptional. I scavenged some on a past vacation I was walking by someone’s yard and I couldn’t resist. Bad metime! :slight_smile:

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Lol. That sounds like something I might do! About a month ago I needed to clear out four garbage bags of empty soda cans from my living room because the management was having some people going into every residents apartment to inspect for possible damages and cleanliness. I knew that they should not see the cans. So I loaded up my car with three bags( I have a small car). The recycling place is right across the street but I didn’t want to make two trips so I just left a whole bag of cans outside near the dumpster for anyone to take. It was probably worth five or six dollars. Hope you are doing OK. Good luck.

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