Just realised when I am alone I feel very sad

I feel very sad this morning

This is why I binge ate.

It temporarily stops my sadness.

I just feel lonely.

Even though I have family and such.

I don’t like going into their space too much


I’m very tempted to go buy lots of processed food right now.

Really really…

But it’s Monday so I’m supposed to reattempt my veganism.

Also the eating of so much refined sugar is risky for my PCOS and its symptoms including insulin resistance and perhaps even excessive hair growth

I need to do things I like but my motivation is so awful… Idk why… Perhaps because I’m sad.

What would an ideal situation look like where you are not lonely?

Is it a casual friend, having a bestie, being romantically involved?

What type of relationship would make you feel content maybe happy.

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I’ve been there in my life where I was very sad and alone. I am a friendly person but I felt very alone especially just before my psychotic break.

I found though that it changes. Yeah you have family etc. I did too. An amazing family and group of friends but I was still alone. I guess getting on meds and getting into decent relationships sorted that out for me. Sure they didn’t last but your only one good relationship away from happiness if that makes sense.

It’s not easy dating in this day and age but I’d say to you. It’s only one relationship away where feeling accepted and content really will change that outlook.


Right now probably a friend that is a woman. A bestie.

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That sounds nice. Someone to spend time with. Have mutual things in common, goals. Talk about problems. Talk about good things. Doing things together.

Maybe you can find a friend.

It’s hard but you to find a bestie. You have to put yourself out there and be patient but social enough to meet such a person.



Perhaps I need to join some community groups :slight_smile:

Be brave like that. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. But take your time. You want someone you genuinely want to be around and enjoy each others company.


Hugs sorry you are feeling lonely… lots of hugs


@Kxev you’re really nice guy in a good way.


And thanks @rogueone


It is soooo tempting to give into stuffing my face because knowing it will temporarily make me feel normal is such a tempting thing.

No don’t… you will probably feel worse after… maybe go for a walk … or watch something funny.

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LunaNoir I always like your tag lines they are decent.

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Music helps me . Also tiktok… watching random videos


Lol thanks… the last two are quotes from @LevelJ1 lolol


I wish such a thing existed where you get a professional support companion who you can contact on a daily basis for emotional support with addiction.


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Hugs to you dear. I get lonely too sometimes.


Are they??
Oh I had no idea OK so it is you and @LevelJ1 who have some good creative ideas