Just read 40 new topics

So I had work today and didn’t get a chance to look at the website all day and there were at least 40 new topics… So I read them all… Took bout an hour… This site really helps with distraction…

But I still feel like an outcast even here… IDK…guess I just don’t have a place I belong in this world…
Well my therapist is going to find me a meeting for sz when I see her on Friday…maybe I’ll feel like I fit in there…

You describe something a lot of us feel. I know I do. I’m withdrawn even for a schizophrenic.

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Awww. It’s okay! I feel like this often everywhere too.

I feel I’m only just starting to get over it.

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But the question is how do u feel like u belong?.. I can’t describe my “voices” to anyone and I don’t want my therapist becoming part of the delusion so I don’t describe it with her… When I become any kinda close to someone my voices talk for them and Bam! There part of the 2ND world in my head … I don’t connect I’m just separate… The world is a small lonely place …

I don’t. Perhaps if I had to describe in depth how I’m learning to get over it wouldn’t sound pleasant. So it’s probably best you hear from someone else on how they cope.

For the most part, I think most should be able to find others they can relate to on here. It’s only a matter of opening yourself up to let it happen. Lots here are willing but everyone is struggling inside too.

You belong just fine @Itsme.

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i cant read 40 topics straight, its too much for my poor little brain, well done :ok_hand: